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Well-being at work

Icon: Sustainable development goals. 8: Decent work and economic growth

Our ambitions: Brunvoll aims to attract, develop and retain the best people. We strive to ensure continuous opportunities for our people to develop high levels of expertise and a great working environment. Brunvoll wants to be a healthy, safe and inclusive place to work.

Our achievements in 2023

  • 81 new employees
  • 31 internal job transfers
  • 37 apprentices
  • 23 apprentices completed their training.
  • eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) measured at 21, compared to -4 in 2022. This is a big and very positive leap in employee satisfaction.

Attraction and retention

Brunvoll practices an “open door policy” when it comes to company visits, welcoming a great number of pupils and students from relevant educational institutions every year. We once again hosted the traditional career fair for the region’s nearly 1000 10th-grade pupils and received visits from university students from Norway and abroad.

In 2023, we welcomed 81 new employees, and 31 Brunvoll employees had internal job transfers. 825 candidates applied for vacancies or sent us a general application in 2023. The turnover rate of 8% includes the departure of employees for any reason, including resignation, termination, death or retirement. Providing internal job opportunities is an important part of our retention strategy. Our employees are our most important ambassadors, and celebrating loyal employees is part of our culture. In 2023, we could celebrate 21 anniversaries for employees with 10, 20 and 25 years of employment with Brunvoll.

Education and development of expertise

To compete with low-cost countries, Brunvoll must be at the forefront in terms of efficiency in the organisation, professional competence, production equipment and novel technology. This is achieved through investment in intellectual capital. Putting people first enables competitive designs, increased knowledge about the products and services we offer and the markets in which Brunvoll competes. This has been, and still is, a strategic advantage to Brunvoll. Employee feedback sessions and the development of competency development plans, both on individual and at department levels, are parts of Brunvoll’s HR processes.

In 2023, our 37 apprentices inspired and challenged us. 23 apprentices completed their 2-4 years of training, obtaining their professional certificates.

Management training is considered an important tool in the development of the workplace. During 2023, Brunvoll’s people managers were guided through an internal leadership development program. The programme aims to establish a unified leadership platform, enhance leadership skills, achieve success in leadership roles, foster confidence, and enable participants to effectively build rapport, manage conflicts, and inspire and motivate their colleagues.

We aim to achieve a great work environment characterised by well-being and development. Frequent dialogue and close cooperation with employee representatives ensures two-way communication, bringing various perspectives into discussions and decision-making processes. In 2022, Brunvoll introduced a new employee survey tool to follow up on the promise of being a great place to work, and in 2023, the Employee Net Promoter Score rose from -4 to 21. Employee pulse surveys allow real-time measurement powered by AI. The survey platform enables managers to visualise employee development and gain insights that enhance engagement and mental well-being while minimising stress and staff turnover.

Every Brunvoll employee is responsible for collaborating and working towards the achievement of the best result possible. Everyone is expected to contribute when creating, developing and preserving a great working environment.

Temperature per december 2022Temperature per March 2024.

The response participation has been good, with av average of 80% of the employees participating in the survey in 2023.

Response Participation
eNPS is short for Employee Net Promotor Score, which measures whether the employees would recommend the company they work for or not. The eNPS measures if employees would recommend the company they work for to their friends and acquaintances. In Winningtemp, the employees receive an eNPS question along with the survey once a month.

The question “How likely are you to recommend working at Brunvoll to a friend or an acquaintance?”

The question is answered on a scale from 0 to 10 where the answers are divided into three categories:

0-6 = ”Critics”. They do not recommend working at this company.

7-8 = ”Passives”. They do not have an opinion on this matter.

9-10 = ”Ambassadors”. They recommend this company as an employer.

The percentual number of Ambassadors minus the percentual number of Critics equals the eNPS score, which can vary between -100 and +100. This means 0 is neutral and is usually seen as a positive score. 20 is considered a good score, and 50 is very good. Brunvoll has chosen to compare the score to the general Winningtemp index rather than the industry index.
Temperature per december 2022eNPS per March 2024.
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Occupational health and safety

We aim for a safe working environment, both physically and psychologically. Ensuring that our employees have the competencies and resources that they need for creating a healthy and safe working environment adapted to their work situation is crucial to us.


We create a safer and more predictable working environment through planning and keeping our surroundings tidy. We focus on people and their surroundings when evaluating risk. We aim to avoid

accidents and work injuries. We strive to obtain safety for our employees with regards to physical and psychological hazards. We plan and act on safety issues in cooperation with our employees.

Continuous improvement

We put safety first, both internally and externally. We take pride in establishing good routines for following up our employees, and to the greatest extent possible, offering our employees freedom and responsibility.

When addressing well-being at work, a systematic and integrated approach, focusing on continuous improvements, is taken. 2023 was the first full year of actively using the survey tool WinningTemp, and this provides baseline insight into Brunvoll’s work environment. WinningTemp sends out an anonymous survey every four weeks, and the answers give us insight into how employees feel about their work.

We invest in health and employee wellness through health and insurance plans. Brunvoll offers an expanded health service scheme with additional occupational health services granting access to a doctor, health advice, health insurance, preventive health checks and individual follow-up when needed. All Brunvoll employees have access to sponsored memberships at local fitness centres, as well as access to activities organised by the corporate sports teams.

Equal opportunities, ethical guidelines and whistleblowing

To Brunvoll it is important to provide equal opportunities. We appreciate diversity and value human rights. We never tolerate discrimination or bullying, neither in-house nor externally.

Any notifications about violations of Brunvoll’s ethical guidelines and code of conduct will be followed up through Brunvoll’s whistleblowing routines.

What to report: Incidents, breaches or suspected breaches of:

  • Brunvoll’s Code of Conduct, or laws and regulations
  • Corruption, including bribes and facilitation payments
  • Human and labour rights violations
  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Threats to life or health
  • Misuse of insider information
  • Fraud, theft and/or embezzlement

Performance indicators 2023

New employees in period: 81
Turnover in period1: 8 %
Share of women: 11,7 %
Sick leave: 5,3 %
Average number of years employed: 13
Temperature: 7,4
eNPS: 21

1Includes the departure of employees for any reason, including resignation, termination, death or retirement

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