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Operational reliability

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Our ambition: Brunvoll will ensure the highest quality, energy efficiency, security and environmental reliability in its products and services. We will be known for delivering products that secure little to no risk of environmental pollution or cyber security breach.

Quality and long-term perspectives

We have designed and manufactured maritime equipment since 1912. Our products are designed with durable and reliable operation as one of the main objectives. With proper use, service and maintenance, our thrusters and propulsion equipment will outlive the lifetime of the vessel. Utilising well-built equipment for the complete lifetime of a vessel will have a lower impact on the environment and the overall operational cost as opposed to a strategy for maintenance by replacement.

Since 1965, we have built and installed around 12 000 high quality thruster and propulsion systems in some 6 000 vessels of which the vast majority are still in daily operation.

Energy efficient products and services

We continuously invest considerable time and resources in developing new and more energy efficient products. This includes novel propeller and thruster solutions, control and monitoring systems, drive systems and autonomous systems. Our R&D department accumulated 67 810 hours in 2021, and a large proportion of our new-sales revenue is realised through the offering of products and service developed during the last five years. Many thrusters and propulsion systems already in service are also upgraded with state-of-the-art technology which extends the lifetime of the vessels and contributes positively to energy savings and reduction in GHG emissions.

All Brunvoll thrusters and propulsion systems are delivered with the Brunvoll control system, BruCon. In-house production of both the thrusters and propulsion systems along with the control system has helped us develop robust, smart, and energy efficient ways of operating a vessel with today’s technology.

Part of our business model is the aftermarket, where service and maintenance is offered on-site at yards across the globe, requiring us to travel. To reduce the carbon footprint of travels, we rely on a global presence through local service stations in strategic areas, and digital tools. Today, we are represented with local service stations in 40 countries, and we have developed a Condition Monitoring System (CMS) enabling remote diagnostics and support. The CMS also allows for further condition-based maintenance as opposed to the traditional preventive maintenance model. A total of 101 of our units were equipped with CMS at the end of 2021, and several matters were resolved without the need for physical travels.

Emmissions from airtravel (tCO2e)
Service travel: 298,1 tCO2e
Business travel: 23,0 tCO2e

Product pollution

Today, all thrusters and propulsion systems from Brunvoll are prepared to operate on environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs). Conversion into EAL operation is also available on systems in service, allowing the vessels to be VGP (Vessel General Permit) compliant without replacing their thrusters and propulsion systems. In 2021, 98 of our units were upgraded to run with EALs.

Cyber security

As various products and functions in a vessel are more and more interconnected, cyber security is one of our top concerns. We follow the recommendations from Center of Internet Security (CIS) and National Cyber Security Center (NSM), and we are planning for certification according to ISO 27001 from 01.01.2023. No cyber security breaches were reported in 2021.

“All thruster and propulsion systems fail from time to time. However, Brunvoll’s systems just fail more rarely than the others. And if there is a failure, Brunvoll is immediately there to remedy with relevant spare parts and correct expertise."

– Vessel superintendent, Norway
Thruster in motion

Performance indicators 2021

Share of turnover on developing new products and services: 4,3 %
Cyber security breaches: 0
No. of countries with local service representations: 40
Existing units upgraded to EAL: 98
Share of new sales for products & services developed the last 5 years: 17,1 %