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Brunvoll materiality assessment

We conducted our first materiality assessment in the first quarter of 2022, based on the GRI-3 (2021) Materiality Standard. The assessment was carried out in cooperation with an independent third party, through benchmarking against peers, SWOT analysis and interviews with several stakeholders. By engaging with stakeholders to identify where we have actual and potential impacts, positive or negative, we ensure a balanced understanding of our ESG context. We have applied the principle of double materiality, ensuring that our ESG strategy covers our own impact on society and the environment, as well as financial materiality of ESG on our company.

Our list of material topics

Treatment of waste generated from operations
GHG emissions from our facilities (scope 1 and 2)
Equality, diversity and inclusion
Anti-corruption and bribery
More important
Material consumption and circularity
Product pollution
GHG emissions from value chain (scope 3)
Well-being at work
Education and development of expertise
Occupational health and safety
Responsible supply chain
Most important
Energy efficient products and services
Attraction and retention
Integrated value chain and production
Quality and long-term perspective
Cyber Security
From our materiality assessment, we group our material topics into four focus areas:
Icon: Operational reliability
Icon: Low impact production
Icon: Well-being at work
Icon: Local community presence