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Brunvoll in brief

We are a family-owned business built up through 110 years of entrepreneurship. Our business concept is to design, manufacture and support systems for propulsion, positioning and maneuvering of advanced seagoing vessels. Headquartered in Molde, Norway, we are located at five different sites in Norway (Molde, Volda, Dalen, Ålesund and Porsgrunn). Our customers are yards and shipowners in a global market, and we export about 80 % of our products and services. We are represented with sales and service support at strategic locations world-wide.

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Vision & values

Our vision is “Trusted World Wide”, supported by our values Reliable, Committed and Responsible.

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Trust cannot be bought. It can only be obtained through good teamwork, and is earned through our customers’ experience with the Brunvoll brand.

We aim to deliver with precision, and to be known for building trust globally.


Brunvoll’s Board of Directors (BoD) is responsible for ensuring that the ESG work is aligned with our Corporate Strategy and in compliance with all laws and regulations where we operate. The Group CEO, together with the Group Management, has the overall responsibility for the ESG work. The operational responsibility is delegated to a dedicated Sustainability Responsible. We are currently working on embedding ESG into our corporate strategy.

The BoD validates and approves Brunvoll’s corporate framework for governance and control on a yearly basis. The framework covers the following 10 Group Management policies:

  1. Risk management & internal control
  2. Capital regulations
  3. Financial control & reporting
  4. Information security
  5. Compliance
  6. Human resources
  7. Corporate social responsibility
  8. HSEQ
  9. Procurement
  10. Intellectual property rights

These policies are implemented in our business processes, that are available to all of our employees through our ISO- certified Management System.

Our Code of Conduct can be downloaded below and provide guidelines for our principles for behaviour and business practice.

Chart of Brunvolls governance structure