The demand for green shipping is growing, and thereby also the demand for sustainable operation from the vessels operating at the installations providing our energy. Hybrid Propulsion Systems enables flexible propulsion concepts with focus on optimisation and energy efficiency.

Our wide range of customized systems are central in optimising the ship for her main operating conditions

Heading towards a 0-emission future

The focus is today about building and operating the most environmentally friendly vessels, whether it is for offshore wind or for purposes tied to other offshore facilities.

It is all about Sustainability

Many of the vessels are equipped with battery-electric or battery-hybrid propulsion systems for optimum energy savings.

Brunvoll continue developing energy-efficient propulsion and thruster solutions, and systems for automated positioning and voyages. In this way our customers obtain reduced costs, reduced energy consumption and reduced emission to air and sea.

How Brunvoll adds value

  • Work closely with our clients in the offshore segment to develop innovative and sustainable solutions in order to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Designs for the lifetime of the vessel with emphasis on high operational reliability with maximum uptime, easy maintenance and reasonable and predictable lifecycle costs.  
  • Non-polluting sealing solutions available for use of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL). Limited amounts of EAL required. The design complies with US EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) requirements.
  • All our systems are designed with the flexibility to meet and adapt to future regulations for new energy sources.

Trusted world wide

In Brunvoll we aim to be second to none with our capability and abilities to render technical after sales services at any location in the world at any time.

Hybrid CP-Propulsion

A hybrid propulsion system based on diesel/gas, electric and batteries offers offshore vessels the perfect system to meet the wide variety in operation modes and operations in harsh offshore sea conditions.

The system flexibility from an efficient propulsion system, unmatched manoeuvring capabilities, and high redundancy are essential to ensure safe operation of the vessel.

Hybrid CP-Propulsion

An electric propulsion system can be powered by generator sets, driven by diesel or dual-fuel engines, or from the installed battery package. The batteries ensure a dynamic system with possibilities for electric running mode powered by batteries, for peak shaving, and in general increased system redundancy. A diesel-electric-battery hybrid system can also lower the running hours of the power machinery and reduce maintenance costs.

Brunvoll CRP PM system - The efficient Contra Rotating Propulsion System with Permanent Magnet Motors

Azimuth Push Ducted

An efficient heavy duty propulsion system ideal for vessels with requirement for high bollard pull in towing or pushing operations.

Typical ship types are cable laying vessels, SOVs, tugs and other vessels with requirements to a combination of transit and DP operations.

Why select Brunvoll?

Numerous offshore vessels, like AHTS, PSV, Cable Laying Vessels (CLV's), Construction vessels and others have chosen Brunvoll for their propulsion, manoeuvring and control systems, due to efficiency, quality, reliability and service capabilities.

Long experience and close relations with demanding shipowners, designers and shipyards within the offshore segment, has given us first-hand knowledge of new developments and strict requirements applying to vessel designs, and how to fulfil the obligations of each vessel when it comes to propulsion and manoeuvring.

Customized quality products put together in integrated system configurations has been and is the brand of Brunvoll.

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