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BruCon Condition Monitoring System

Online support by expert OEM personnel available 24/7. Keeps owners and crew informed of the condition of vital propulsion units and manoeuvring thrusters via a web dashboard.

Customer benefits with Expert CMS/CBM

  • Enhanced equipment monitoring with reduced need for dry-docking the vessel for visually inspection (for example through vibration measurements or advanced analytics)
  • Special instrumentation and sensors create new potential for smart solutions reducing costs and downtime
  • Keep the customer informed of the equipment condition through an informative web dashboard where condition changes can be observed over time (through traffic light indication)
  • Access to the expert OEM competence of Brunvoll
  • Increased number of vessels with CM systems will give ship owners, manufacturers or others important data that is beneficial when designing, building, operating or performing service on vessels including thruster systems and propulsors
  • Easier troubleshooting due to quantification of equipment operation
  • Reduced cost and downtime through preventive maintenance trigged by the CM system
  • Reduced cost when planning and performing service due to early identification of wear or possible faults
  • Reduced cost due to prevention of unnecessary (or too early) replacement of wear components
  • Increased warranty might be agreed
  • Prevention of vessel off-hire caused by breakdowns in the propulsion units and manoeuvring thrusters
  • Give customer recommendations for preventive maintenance based upon the measurement data
  • Reduced operational cost by improved use of the equipment (optimization based on data)

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