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CRP (Contra Rotating Propellers)

The optimum electric propulsion system for single screw vessels

A unique combination of known technologies

Contra Rotating Propellers (CRP)

  • A complete propulsion system with Contra Rotating Propellers in a redundant single screw configuration, approved by DNV for two electric motors.
  • A configuration of fixed pitch monoblock propellers individually driven throgh a unique shaft-in-shaft system, which complies with IMO DP2.
  • This propulsion system recovers part of the slipstream rotational energy, which is lost with single propeller configurations, and thereby enhances the hydrodynamical efficiency.
  • The blade numbers of the two propellers are usually different to avoid vibrational problems.
  • The aft propeller diameter is smaller in order to stay within the slipstream contraction from the forward propeller.
  • The system can be driven by any type of electric motors.

Juanita PSV equipped with Brunvoll CRP Contra Rotating Propeller System photo Helge Brandal
Juanita PSV, equipped with Brunvoll CRP System, Photo: Helge Brandal

Up to 20% reduction in energy consumption proven by model test


  • FP-Propellers, no gearbox, compact system with short shaftline


  • Each propeller is independently driven by electric motors


  • Propellers are located in center line far from the shipside.
    The heelarm below the propeller is guiding away tow and other debris.


  • 20% reduction in energy consumption compared to a vessel with Azimuth twin screw propulsion (model tested).

Design principles

  • Improved propulsion efficiency due to energy recovery from rotational flow in CRP system and higher hull efficiency from a single skeg versus twin screw vessels.
  • Fixed pitch propeller system with few movable parts, directly driven from the slow speed electric motors.
  • Independently driven propellers through a unique shaft-in-shaft system which complies with IMO DP2.
  • Hydrostatic lubricated bearings and shaft seals according to DNV Clean Design.
Brunvoll CRP System (Contra Rotating Propeller) Electric Propulsion

Brunvoll CRP Contra Rotating Propeller in hull design
Brunvoll CRP Contra Rotating Propeller Shaft in Shaft arrangement
Brunvoll CRP Contra Rotating Propeller Shaft seal arrangement DnV Clean Design
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