Rim Driven Thruster -RDT

High Efficiency, Reduced Noise and Vibration

Sustainable Tunnel Thruster with motor and propeller in one compact unit

  • Efficient operation
  • High degree of manoeuvrability
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Compact design with savings in weight and space
  • No transmission losses
  • Reduced cost by system simplicity
A Green Solution - due to reduced emissions from great efficiency

RDT - Thruster design features

  • Compact electric RDT with thruster, propeller and Permanent Magnet motor in one unit
  • No need for external motor, shafts or couplings
  • Optimized propeller blade thickness and the radial load distribution is designed to enhance propeller efficiency
  • No oil pollution as the bearing design eliminates need for oil lubrication
  • Arrangement flexibility increased by the compact design
No central shaft and no shaft supporting struts improves propeller efficiency and reduces propeller induced noise and vibration.
Simple installation saves time and cost.

Complete system deliveries

One source - one responsibility

For optimal performance Brunvoll takes responsibility for delivering complete systems and for providing support throughout the lifetime; from design, production, installation and commissioning, through daily operation.

Ask us for a complete thruster system including:

  • VFD for the motor
  • BruCon Control, Alarm and Monitoring system
  • BruCon Joystick and DP

Compile your vessel from Brunvoll's  product range

The wide product range of Brunvoll gives a unique configuration flexibility of integrated propulsion, manoeuvring and automation systems, see Propulsion Systems.


RDT 800 800 200
RDT 1000 1 000 300
RDT 1250 1 250 400
RDT 1500 1 500 600
RDT 1800 1 800 1 000
RDT 2100 2 100 1 400
No items found.

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