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BruCon Control, Alarm and Monitoring Systems

Manoeuvring made easy and accurate with full control from bridge to blade

BruCon Control system for all types of propulsion and thruster system configurations

  • Bridge control system for easy visualisation and operation
  • Customized and selectable user interface with extended information according to needs
  • Easy identification of any potential problem with integrated condition monitoring system reduces service costs and maintenance effort
  • Responsive system with no time lag between command and response or feedback signal
  • High flexibility, redundancy and safety
  • Powerful features and custom options give increased flexibility and ease of use
  • Optimised software provides cost efficient output from the propulsion system, ensuring optimum fuel and environmental efficiency

BruCon - the optimal choice for the most demanding system applications  

  • Controllable or Fixed Pitch Propeller
  • Contra Rotating Propeller
  • Propulsion Azimuth Thruster
  • Retractable Azimuth Thruster
  • Single and/or multiple Tunnel Thrusters

BruCon - the trusted Control, Alarm & Monitoring System from Brunvoll


Brunvoll has built up decades of experience in reliable solutions for manoeuvring, positioning and propulsion control


Alerts and alarms give clear guidance for decision support
Early warnings enable quick intervention, reducing risk


BruCon condition monitoring helps to optimize performance and makes it easier to plan smarter preventive maintenance for; 

  • Thrusters

BruCon systems are specifically designed and produced for the entire range of Brunvoll propulsion and thruster units

  • Main Propellers

We provide complete control, monitoring and automation solutions for main propulsion equipment including azimuth systems from Brunvoll

  • Drive Systems

We supply BruCon for all our drive systems, including constant- and variable-speed for both controllable and fixed pitch propellers

Steering Gear Control System

  • A synchronised follow-up or non-follow-up control system with alarm handling.
  • Available both as a standard and custom designed solutions for all types of steering gears.


  • Our compact and modular design is easy to place and saves valuable bridge space
  • A complete steering gear system of ram type ("sylinder machine"), cylinders, starter arrangement and indication system is also available
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