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Electric & Hybrid Propulsion System Integration

Hybrid Propulsion Systems for optimum energy efficiency of the vessels

Brunvoll specialize in compact and light weight hybrid solutions, taking the full responsibility of the system integration

Benefits of a Hybrid Propulsion System

Hybrid propulsion systems benefit of the best from two systems - the combination of electric propulsion and diesel drive.

The Hybrid system configuration is a fuel efficient and flexible system.

The system configuration may consist of various components depending on the vessel type and operation profile. Brunvoll has a wide range of configurations to meet the market demands.

The system is ideal for operations in ares with requirements for low noise and reduced local emissions, such as harbours and protected areas.

Brunvoll - your preferred System Integrator

Brunvoll specialize in compact and light weight hybrid solutions, taking the full responsibility of the system integration.

The wide range of different workboats and passenger vessels, require unique knowledge about the challenges.

Our wide range of system configurations consists of a  hybrid package for propulsion with hotel load supply and standardised charging solutions on shore.

An integrated system design with focus on control philosophy, fuel savings and easy operation.

Brunvoll scope of supply in System Integration 

  • Control systems for propulsion and manoeuvring
  • Generator / El. motors for propulsion
  • Generator sets
  • Battery package
  • Frequency drives
  • Converters DCDC DCAC
  • Brunvoll Triton-EMS energy management system
  • Battery system with BMS
  • Transformers
  • Charging system

How we design the optimised Hybrid Propulsion System

Information about actual operation profile and hull resistance data are the critical inputs to design the optimised hybrid propulsion configuration.

From this information we determine the power requirements of the electrical motors and the size of the battery system to suit the specified operation profile.

Experience in optimising light weight propulsion systems

Brunvoll Electric Propulsion Systems are compact and light weight solutions allowing for more space for cargo and passengers.

From decades of experience in propulsion system design we have gained extensive knowledge in utilising the available power in the most efficient way.

Brunvoll Triton Manoeuvre Chair

Hybrid Operation modes


Diesel mechanical operation of the propellers up to design speed.

The Electric motor/generator may be engaged for power generation to the switchboard, which may be used for battery charging or other consumers.


Electrical propulsion for slow steaming powered from battery. The rpm and pitch are optimized for maximum efficiency.

Hybrid mode

Combination of EL- mode on one propeller and DM-mode on the other.

It increases the redundancy of the vessel and makes it possible to operate with only one engine available.

Boost mode

Boost mode combines DM- and EL-mode for maximum power and speed. It makes it possible to select a smaller engine when max power is only needed incidentally.

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