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BruCon DP & Joystick Control Systems

Dynamic Positioning & Joystick systems for all types of propulsion and thruster configurations

The BruCon positioning systems control thrusters, propulsion units and rudders in the most efficient and economical way possible

Dynamic Positioning (DP) system

BruCon DP automatically maintains a vessel’s position and heading by using its propellers and thrusters.

Important sensors for the DP system are position reference sensors, wind sensors, motion sensors and gyro compasses. The sensors may be dedicated, or part of vessel's navigation system.  

Dynamic positioning may either be locked to a fixed point over the seabed, or relative to a moving object like another ship or an underwater vehicle. One may also position the ship at a favorable angle towards wind, waves and current.

BruCon DP follows our long traditions for in-house development and plays an important role in Brunvoll’s strategy for autonomous vessel operation.

BruCon DP enables all features required for modern vessel operation. IMO DP1, DP2 and DP3 classes may be provided in addition to DP0.

Operational modes for

  • Manual heading
  • Auto heading
  • Auto positioning
  • Target tracking
  • Waypoint tracking
  • Towing
  • Rotation point
  • Dead reckoning

Sensor interfaces to

  • Gyro compasses
  • DGNSSs
  • Wind sensors
  • Motion Reference Units
  • Speed logs
  • Draft sensors
  • Laser position references
  • Radar position references
  • Hydro acoustic position references
  • Inertial measurement units

BruCon Joystick system

The joystick system provides the operator control of the vessel’s thruster and propulsion units with a single joystick lever, enabling easy and accurate operation.

The operator can select between manual and fixed (automatic) heading. In Auto Heading mode the heading of the vessel is kept fixed utilising input from the ship's gyro compass.

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