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Azimuth Thruster with Push Ducted Propellers

Built for heavy duty operations, designed with emphasis on maximum bollard pull and focus on hydrodynamic- and total energy efficiency with low drag and good manoeuvrability

Units for various installation configurations

  • All Brunvoll Propulsion Azimuth Thrusters are available with L- and Z-drive configurations.
  • Weld-in fixed mounted.
  • Well mounted bolt-in arrangements that allows the complete Thruster to be lifted out/into the ship as one piece without dry docking.
  • Great flexibility in stem lengths/propeller arm lengths.

Subsea Unit designed for heavy duty operations and low life cycle cost

  • Robust design, and attention to details make for trouble-free performance.
  • Brunvoll focuses on excellent technical solutions to ensure that our thruster units can handle all the challenges of the marine environment.
  • Replaceable propeller blade bearing liners
  • Propeller blades are replaceable inside the nozzle
  • Various propeller blade materials and designs available
  • Controllable  pitch propeller and fixed pitch propeller versions available
  • Various propeller nozzle designs available

Advanced multiple sealing system

  • An advanced multiple sealing system is used for the propeller shaft to provide an ideal environment for the working parts
  • Non-polluting sealing solutions available for use of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL). Limited amounts of EAL required
  • The design complies with US EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP)

Increase propulsion efficiency by applying the optimum nozzle profile

A ducted propeller gives up to 30% higher thrust at low speed compared to an open propeller.
  • Brunvoll High Efficiency nozzle profile is recommended for ships with high bollard pull requirements and low propeller load at higher vessel speed.
  • The 19A nozzle profile is recommended for its good overall performance.
  • The 37 nozzle profile is recommended for ships with high priority to equal thrust performance in both flow directions, typically DP operation.


AUP/AWP 63 1 650 400 - 680
AUP/AWP 74 1 900 - 2 100 800 - 1 350
AUP/AWP 80 2100 800 - 1 500
AUP/AWP 93 2 400 - 2 600 1000 - 1 850
AUP/AWP 100 2 600 1 600 - 2 200
AUP/AWP 115 2 900 - 3 200 2 000 - 3 500

Complete system deliveries

One source - one responsibility

For optimal performance Brunvoll takes responsibility for delivering complete systems and for providing support throughout the lifetime; from design, production, installation and commissioning, through daily operation.

Ask us for a complete thruster system including:

  • Electric drive motor, asynchronous or Permanent Magnet type
  • Starter or VFD for the motor
  • BruCon Control, Alarm and Monitoring system
  • BruCon Joystick and DP

Compile your vessel from Brunvoll's  product range

The wide product range of Brunvoll gives a unique configuration flexibility of integrated propulsion, manoeuvring and automation systems, see Propulsion Systems.

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