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  • Brunvoll will supply azimuth propulsion and manoeuvring system for the world’s first green fuel SOV from Esvagt

Brunvoll will supply azimuth propulsion and manoeuvring system for the world’s first green fuel SOV from Esvagt

Brunvoll has secured an important contract for a complete propulsion and manoeuvring package for the new Service Operation Vessels (SOV) for Esvagt. The vessel is HAV Design 833 SOV and will be built at Cemre Shipyard. The vessel will be the world’s first service operation vessel that can operate on green fuels.

The Brunvoll azimuth propulsion thruster family is an extension of the already well established Brunvoll thruster technology, and is well received within segments such as construction vessels, ferries, cable layers, dredgers and other.

“This is a breakthrough for Brunvoll in the azimuth thruster propulsion market. Esvagt and HAV Design are both important players in the renewable segment. We have a long relationship with both, and we are excited that they now also will use our propulsion thrusters” says Sales Manager BerntRune Riksfjord. “We look forward putting our propulsion thrusters to the test on this advanced vessel. “

“Brunvoll has a strategic commitment to be a preferred vendor for renewable energy vessels with dynamic position capabilities. This contract shows our importance as such a supplier and that the extensive effort placed into developing thrusters for this market has been successful ", continues Riksfjord. 

The vessel will be equipped with Brunvoll’s new Condition MonitoringSystem (CMS). The CMS is part of the BruCon control system family and is a layer-based platform with extensive cyber security improvements compared to traditional control systems in the market today. CMS provides advanced monitoring of thruster and propulsion systems. The system includes hardware and various algorithms for detecting concrete events and operational characteristics that has significance in an optimized maintenance and operations perspective.

Brunvoll CMS support the new DNV class notifications for Condition Monitoring.

“Esvagt’s choice of Brunvoll CMS for the vessel is well aligned with the trend in the market”, says CMS project manager Ole Magnus Hjellset. “We have so far installed the system on more than 30 vessels and see a rapid increase in interests for this system. Better operational and system monitoring enables better understanding and prediction of the vessel behaviour and state, which again opens up for more efficient maintenance and operational optimization”.  

Brunvoll Azimuth Propulsion Thrusters ready for shipment

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