DanFish 2023

Come visit us at our stand for a pleasant chat about topics that matters and learn more about how our system solutions make your vessel prepared for the future with efficient propulsion and manoeuvring.

DanFish 2023 | 10-12 October

The venue is in Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, Denmark

Brunvoll stand no. H949

For further details about the exhibition please see: DanFish International 2023

Prepare for the future

All Brunvoll products and systems are ideal for future proof vessels. Our complete system configurations are tailor designed to meet the actual operating profile of the vessel.

The wide range of Propulsors, Gearboxes, Thrusters, BruCon control & monitoring system platform, Electric & Hybrid Propulsion System Integration, are all founded at our deep engineering competence.
Commissioning and service support by our great team of global service engineers.
Brunvoll 2-speed Hybrid Propulsion & Manoeuvring System

Combined Retractable Azimuth Thruster and Tunnel Thruster

Excellent manoeuvre capabilities during operation in rough sea and strong wind.

CRP - Contra Rotating Propulsion System

The CRP system as a concept is regarded to have unique propeller efficiency

Come see us at our stand and learn more about our next generation CRP systems

European Commission - ECOFYS. Study on energy efficiency technologies for ships: “Potential savings of CRP are assessed to be in the order of 6–20% of the power consumption with an average of 13%, although higher figures may be presented by industry for specific case”

BruCon Control & Automation Platform

BruCon is the common control and automation platform for all Brunvoll propulsion, rudder and thruster configurations.  

  • Dynamic Positioning System (DP)
  • AutoCrossing
  • Condition Monitoring System (CMS)
  • Propulsion Control
  • Thruster Control
  • Rudder Control
Brunvoll DP and Joystick system

Contact persons

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Arne Tennøy

Arne Tennøy

Senior Sales Manager, Brunvoll AS

+47 916 76 811
Stig Helland

Stig Helland

Sales Manager, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 911 11 595
Karim Alexander Longva

Karim Alexander Longva

Sales Manager Retrofit, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 979 86 830
Birger Gauslå

Birger Gauslå

VP Sales & Marketing, Brunvoll Mar-El AS

+47 35 07 58 14
Erling Myklebust Brunvoll

Erling Myklebust Brunvoll

Service Product Manager Thruster Design, Brunvoll AS

+47 90 64 15 30

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