Controllable Pitch Propellers

Tailor-made CP-propellers for optimum efficiency

Sustainable propulsion from tailor-made blade design for optimum propeller efficiency with low vibration and noise levels

Sustainable Propulsion

Brunvoll aim to be a strong contributor to a sustainable shipping industry by providing systems designed for efficient operation.  
  • We offer propeller systems designed in compliance with the highest industrial standards such as US EPA VGP2013, DNV Clean, DNV Clean Design requirements.
  • We are reducing risk of marine pollution by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods for efficient full-scale propeller design and testing.
  • Our design principles for optimum efficiency, minimum cavitation and lowest possible noise and vibration levels, gives less stress on marine resources.

Brunvoll CP-Propellers product range

  • Four-bladed propellers
  • Hub diameter from 520 - 1900 mm
  • Propeller diameter from approx 1600 - 8600 mm
  • Power range from 500 - 20.000 kW
  • CP-propellers with pitch mechanism either in the gearbox, in the shaft line or in the propeller hub
  • Blade design of high skew or normal skew
  • Propeller and hub material NiAl Bronze or stainless steel

Optimised Propeller Systems

Brunvoll serves a large variety of vessel applications. There is a continious demand for propeller designs to be optimised in order to achieve the highest energy efficiency. All Brunvoll CP- and FP-propeller configurations are designed for the individual ship.

Design principles of Brunvoll CP-Propellers

  • Propeller designs are optimised to the individual ship.
  • All designs based on established hydrodynamical theories and tank test results.
  • Propeller blade data, such as diameter, pitch, rpm, skew and load distribution are always carefully selected to give the best solution with respect to both efficiency and noise/vibration characteristics.
  • Propeller blades are machined, polished and statically balanced according to ISO tolerances.
  • Our propellers can be supplied with certificates from any major classification society, and to the strongest arctic ice class requirements.

Increase propulsion efficiency by applying the optimum nozzle profile

A ducted propeller gives up to 30% higher thrust at low speed compared to an open propeller.
  • Brunvoll HE nozzle profile is recommended for ships with high bollard pull requirements and low propeller load at higher vessel speed.
  • The 19A nozzle profile is recommended its good overall performance in different operation conditions.
  • The 37 nozzle profile is recommended for ships with high priority to equal performance in both flow directions, typically DP and astern operation.
  • Brunvoll is optimising the propulsion efficiency by applying the most suitable nozzle profile for the given service profile.

Feathering Propeller

Feathering is an option on standard CP-propeller systems. On a feathering propeller the blade angle can be arranged in line with the water flow.

This reduces the water resistance and gives the following advantages;

  • power reduction by shutting down one of the two propellers in twin screw systems
  • allows for maintenance at sea of one shaft line while the other is in operation

With twin screw installation and one side out of operation it is possible to reduce requirements for the shaft brake with CP-propeller.

The advantages of a CP-Propeller

  • The blade angle of CP-propellers varies from full ahead to full astern pitch.
  • A CP-propeller offers a higher maximum bollard pull, as it is possible to optimise the relation between rpm, pitch and power.
  • With variations in operating conditions, propeller performance is enhanced with a CP-propeller due to optimum pitch/advanced ratio.
  • A CP-propeller increases flexibility if available engine power is reduced.
  • For nozzle propellers the propeller blades are replaceable inside the nozzle
  • The propeller blade bearings are made of high performance self-lubricating and wear resistant material, which increases the lifetime of the propellers.

Brunvoll CP-Propeller System

  • A push-pull rod from the pitch mechanism in the hub through the propeller shaft to the servo motor piston located either in the gearbox or in the shaft line.
  • Push-pull rod systems are often used because of their simplicity and easy accessibility for maintenance inside the vessel.
Brunvoll CP Propeller system with push-pull rod and servo system in gearbox

Brunvoll ECP-Propeller System

Brunvoll ECP propeller hub mechanism
  • Servo piston located in the propeller hub.
  • The low pressure oil system is controlled from the oil distribution system in the gearbox or from a separate OD-box.
  • The hub servo system is recommended where the length of propeller shafts exceed 20 meters or in cases with highly loaded propellers with large servo forces in combination with moderate or long shafts.
Brunvoll ECP Propeller system with hub servo

A typical scope for a Brunvoll Propeller System consists of:

  • Propeller hub and blades
  • Stern tube and stern tube seals
  • Propeller shaft
  • Shaft couplings
  • Propeller nozzle
  • Control system
  • Temperature sensors, earthing device etc.


HUB SIZE 520 - 1 950 mm
PROPELLER DIAMETER 2 000 - 9 000 mm
POWER RANGE 1 000 - 20 000 kW

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