Reduction Gearboxes

High operation flexibility from customized gearboxes

Our wide range of gearbox configurations makes our assortment one of the most extensive in the market

Advantages with Brunvoll gearboxes

Brunvoll design team have taken advantage of decades of interaction and innovation together with the most demanding customers throughout the entire maritime cluster. This has given us valuable experience, in order to apply the right design criterias and development of module-based ships' gearboxes with respect to their functions and strength.

All materials used in the gearboxes are carefully selected to secure the optimum conditions of the product, and to obtain life-long durability and safe operations;

  • Gearboxes for a high number of operational modes
  • Flexible design with several PTO/PTI configurations
  • Part of an integrated Propulsion System
  • High quality in materials and a robust design
Brunvoll Reduction Gear Design

Unique flexibility with module based design

On all gearboxes without an integrated PTO/PTI solution it is possible to choose amongst a wide range of PTO/PTI modules which may be connected to the main gearbox.

The modules are selected by definition of the function of the gearbox and the propulsion system, and might be primary or secondary driven with our without integrated clutch solutions for fully automatic operation.

  • All Brunvoll gearbox designs are based on modules giving a unique flexibility.
  • Ideal for hybrid systems with multiple engine configurations.
  • Wide range of Power take-off (PTO) and Power take-in (PTI) units.
  • Each gearbox is configured to each customer's requirements.
  • All gearboxes are designed in 3D, and FEM/FMEA analysed in order to secure strenght and reliability.

Integrated Propulsion Systems with PTO / PTI Configurations

Brunvoll Propulsion System with PTI/PTI type SA

Single-in Single-out propulsion system with clutch + PTO type SA without clutch

  • This system contains a secondary driven PTO for shaft generator, where the PTO always runs when the propeller is running.
  • The system can also be used as a PTI with el-motor.

Single-in Single-out propulsion system with clutch + PTO type PF without clutch

  • This system contains a primary driven PTO without clutch, and is always running with the main engine.
  • The PTO can be used for generators or for pumps.

Single-in Single-out propulsion system with clutch + PTO/PTI type PF with clutch

  • This system contains a primary driven PTO with engine release clutch.
  • The PTO can run independently of the propelller.
  • Usually used for generators or for PTO/PTI solutions where the generator also can operate as el-motor.

The Brunvoll gearbox program

Size Vertical Offset Horizontal Offset Coaxial Offset Power Range kW*
ACG 450 x x x 900 - 1700
ACG 480 x 1200 - 1900
ACG 525 x 1100 - 2200
ACG 600 x x x 1800 - 3500
ACG 680 x x x 2200 - 4400
ACG 750 x x x 2500 - 5200
ACG 850 x x x 3000 - 6000
ACG 950 x x x 3700 - 6700
ACG 980 x x 3700 - 10500
ACG 1080 x x 4500 - 13000
ACG 1130 x x 4500 - 15000
ACG 1200 x x 5000 - 22000
ACG 1400 x x -> 20000
ACG 600K x 1800 - 5200
ACG 680K x 1800 - 5200
ACG 750K x 2500 - 5200
ACG 850K x 3000 - 6000
ACG 950K x 3700 - 6700
ACG 980K x 3700 - 10500
ACG TS 800 x x 2x 700 - 1500
ACG TS 1000 x 2x 1100 - 2200
ACG TS 1100 x 2x 1500 - 3000
ACG TS 1250 x 2x 2200 - 7000
ACG TS 1400 x 2x 3700 - 10000
Larger gearbox sizes
on request
ACG 680 2SP x 2200 - 4400
ACG 750 2SP x 2500 - 5200
ACG 850 2SP x 3000 - 6000
ACG 980 2SP x 3700 - 10500
ACG 1080 2SP x 4500 - 12000
Brunvoll standard gearbox range. Other configurations can be supplied on request.
The power range given for each gearbox is approximately and depends on selected
engine and propeller RPM, and also on eventual ice notation.

Gearbox range

Extensive range of vertical or horizontal offset, twin-in single-out, 2-speed, and special designed gearboxes
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Technical Information

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