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  • Brunvoll signs contract for propulsion and manoeuvring system for Expedition Cruise Vessel

Brunvoll signs contract for propulsion and manoeuvring system for Expedition Cruise Vessel

Brunvoll has signed a contract with Ulstein Design & Solutions AS for delivery of propulsion and manoeuvring systems for one Expedition Cruise Vessel. The products from Brunvoll constitute a part of the contract between Ulstein Design & Solutions and China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd (CMHI) for a design and equipment package. The vessel is of ULSTEIN CX103 design for the shipowner Ocean Discoverer Lda, Portugal. The products from Brunvoll will be delivered in Q4 2023 and Q2 2024.

The package from Brunvoll consist of CP-propeller system with gearbox, rudder, steering gear, tunnel thruster and control systems. The propulsion system is a twin-screw diesel-electric system driven by electric power. The bow thruster is of controllable pitch type, and the rudders are conventional full spade rudders with rotary vane steering gear system.

This is Brunvoll’s 7th contract with Ulstein Design & Solutions for a series of expedition cruise vessels. The ship is certified for polar cruising with Ice Class 1A /PC6 and built according to Safe Return to Port. The propulsion system from Brunvoll is designed to meet the required classifications with reinforcements in propellers and propeller shaft arrangements. It is a robust and reliable diesel-electric twin-screw system. Brunvoll propulsion systems can be designed for any classification and to the highest ice class requirements.  

Five of the previous six vessels are delivered and one will be delivered this year. The “Greg Mortimer” was the first delivery in the series and has been very well received in the cruise market. Brunvoll is proud to have supplied the propulsion and manoeuvring equipment to these vessels with the innovative ULSTEIN CX103 design. Arnfinn Brautaset, Sales Manager of Brunvoll explains that the propulsion system configuration is ideal for the operational profile of expedition cruise vessels, as a diesel-electric CP-propulsion system is a flexible and efficient solution for a wide and varied range in propulsion power.

Brunvoll is a major supplier to the cruise segment and has ongoing deliveries of thruster systems with shipyards as Fincantieri, Chantiere de l’Atlantique and Meyer Werft. Long term relations with these yards have resulted in several deliveries, and there is at present a number of promising new projects relevant for Brunvoll thrusters and propulsion systems.

Brunvoll has signed contract with Ulstein Design and Solutions AS for propulsion and manoeuvring systems for an Expedition Cruise Vessel. Illustration:Ulstein Design & Solutions AS

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Arnfinn Brautaset

Arnfinn Brautaset

Sales Manager, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 915 77 678

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