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Electric CP-Propeller and Gearbox Propulsion System

Electric Propulsion with CP-Propeller and Gearbox offers a flexible and good solution for a wide and varied range in propulsion power

Electric Propulsion from CP-Propellers and Gearbox configurations

This system is often a very flexible and good solution for a wide and varied range in propulsion power, for vessels such as longliners, live fish carriers, stand-by and patrol vessels, offshore support vessels, shuttle tankers.

The propeller is driven by one or more electric motors via a reduction gearbox. The power is delivered from the ship's electric supply system. The most efficient solution is achieved through variable rpm from one or more of the electric motors, to ensure that the propleller has optimised working conditions in the entire power range.

Efficient Propulsion System in single screw configurations

Electric Propulsion System with a single screw propeller driven by two or more electric motors via a gearbox, is an efficient system for typical live fish carriers.

A typical Brunvoll system supply will in addition include Tunnel Thrusters, BruCon Joystick and DP, and Control & Monitoring system.

Configurations for heavy duty

Electric Propulsion System with twin screw propellers driven by four or more electric motors via two twin-in single-out gearboxes meet the requirements for an extra wide power range.

With the extensive thruster package this is an advanced system for heavy duty operations.

Typical vessels can be shuttle tankers and offshore construction vessels.

Brunvoll's extensive product range from propellers, gearboxes, thrusters and control & automation systems allows for a wide configuration flexibility.

All our propulsion systems are tailored to the specific ship's operation profile, for optimised efficiency and economy.

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