LowNoise Tunnel Thrusters

The optimal solution for improved comformt for crew and passengers, and easy installation for yards

The Comfort of Thrusters

Quieter sailing means better sleep, improving the alertness and efficiency of the crew. Passengers enjoy a new degree of comfort.

Brunvoll pioneered the low noise thruster in 1977. Today, Brunvoll is recognised world wide as the major supplier of effective solutions for thruster noise suppression.

Noise levels of 75-88 dB(A) are typical in cabins next to and above conventional tunnel thrusters. Brunvoll’s advanced technology can cut this by up to 15 dB(A). Combined with other measures, noise reductions of up to 20-25 dB(A) have been verified.

Brunvoll Low Noise Tunnel Thruster, Super Silent, resiliently mounted, full length double tunnel
Brunvoll LowNoise Tunnel Thruster, Resiliently mounted

The Brunvoll LowNoise Tunnel Thruster

  • Noise reduction of 11 - 15 dB(A)
  • Resiliently mounted, full length double tunnel
  • Complete from factory with no assembly at the yard
  • Tunnel length and shape tailored to the hull lines
  • Easy hull integration, no additional welding of tunnel extensions at yard
  • Inner tunnel delivered complete with conical inlets
  • Grids delivered pre-installed on request
  • Delivered with cathodic protection and paint treatment, including anti-fouling
  • CP propeller with skew blades
  • One way rotation for optimal load on gears

Brunvoll LowNoise Tunnel Thrusters - the optimal solution for noise supression

The ultimate in quiet manoeuvring adds a new dimension of comfort and pleasure to the voyage - much appreciated by discerning travellers. Noisy thrusters would create a harsh, disturbing contrast. That's why major cruiseship owners insist on low noise thrusters - and Brunvoll's noise supression leads the field.

Typical shiptypes where noise reduction is of utmost importance are such as cruise liners, megayachts, diving support vessels and other sophisticated offshore service and research vessels.

The figures above show typical noise levels in a cabin 3 - 4 decks above the thruster room.

Engineering services

  • Selection of thruster type, size and location
  • Structural thruster-hull integration
  • Noise assessments

Easy inspection and maintenance

  • Proven lifetime more than 25 years 
  • Vital parts easy accessible


FU 37 1 000 100 - 250
FU 45 1 375 200 - 450
FU 63 1 750 400 - 900
FU 74 2 000 800 - 1 400
FU 80 2 250 1 000 - 1 500
FU 93 2 500 1 500 - 2 200
FU 100 2 750 1 800 - 2 300
FU 115 3 000 2 500 - 3 500

Complete system deliveries

One source - one responsibility

For optimal performance Brunvoll takes responsibility for delivering complete systems and for providing support throughout the lifetime; from design, production, installation and commissioning, through daily operation.

Ask us for a complete thruster system including:

  • Electric drive motor, asynchronous or Permanent Magnet type
  • Starter or Variable Frequency Drive for the motor
  • BruCon Control, Alarm and Monitoring system
  • BruCon Joystick and DP

Compile your vessel from Brunvoll's  product range

The wide product range of Brunvoll gives a unique configuration flexibility of integrated propulsion, manoeuvring and automation systems, see Propulsion Systems.

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