Aqua-Nor 2023

Come visit us at our stand for a pleasant chat about topics that matters and learn more about how our system solutions make your vessel prepared for the future with efficient propulsion and manoeuvring.

Aqua-Nor 22-24 August

The venue is in Trondheim, Norway

Brunvoll stand no. B200

For further details about the exhibition please see: Aqua-Nor


High demand for efficient propulsion, manoeuvring and positioning

Live Fish Carriers play a central role in aquaculture

The operational demands of a Live Fish Carrier is represented by varying working conditions requiring flexible solutions to execute all tasks efficiently.

Activities varies from transit to a range of different operations, with varying power requirements.

Brunvoll has been a long term supplier to the segment, supplying thrusters and propulsion systems with solutions for increased efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and low maintenance cost.

One supplier of complete propeller and thruster systems

  • Brunvoll's experience, competence and a wide range of propulsion and manoeuvring systems make up an extensive range of customized configurations for the specific vessel.
  • Propeller systems for several engine configurations, together with the entire thruster package from one supplier, makes it easy for the shipyard during construction and for the shipowner during operation.
  • Smooth operation of the vessel and maximum uptime is the target for all parties - supplier included.
  • Clients' repeated confidence in our abilities and performance gained by their prior experience, has resulted in Brunvoll being trusted to deliver repeat orders of propulsion and manoeuvring systems for decades.

Brunvoll Propulsion and Manoeuvring for Sølvtrans

Requirements to efficient Live Fish Carriers

  • Varying working conditions requiring flexible solutions
  • Transit from fish farm to factory heavy loaded with fish
  • High demand for electric power for water treatment during fish transport
  • Protection of propellers to avoid damaging the fish net
  • Efficient propulsion and excellent manoeuvring
  • Positioning during loading
  • Need for large cargo capacity

Optimum energy efficiency with 2-speed propulsion system

With need for widely different propulsion power, a 2-speed gearbox, CP-propeller, diesel engine and shaft generator can be the right answer.
The integration of propulsion and manoeuvring with BruCon control, joystick and DP-system further ensures easy manoeuvring and positioning.

In a 2-speed gearbox system the diesel power can be distributed partly to the propeller at the selected optimum propeller speed, and partly to the generator running at constant speed supplying electricity to the machinery for water treatment in fish tanks during transport. Running in step 2 gives an energy efficient and sustainable operation.

When Electric & Hybrid Propulsion is the right configuration

The options for electric and hybrid systems are many;

  • 2-speed gearbox with PTO/PTI for electric operation from either batteries or diesel-electric gen.set
  • Twin-In Single-Out gearbox and CP propellers driven by up to 4 electric motors
  • Single-in single-out gearbox with CP propeller driven by one or two electric motors
  • Direct driven CP propellers without gearbox, driven by either Permanent Magnet motors or Asynchronus electric motors. Integrated costa propulsion and propeller nozzle will further increase the propulsion efficiency.
  • Azimuth Push Ducted propulsion system

Azimuth Propulsion for aquaculture vessels

  • Azimuth Push Ducted for increased bollard pull
  • Excellent manoeuvring and propulsion without need for rudder, steering gears and aft tunnel thrusters
  • Easy installation with space saving unit giving more space for cargo and fish hold tanks
  • Excellent system for vessels with high requirements for DP operation
  • Redundant system

Contact persons

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Joar Heggset

Joar Heggset

Sales Manager, Brunvoll AS

+47 916 30 640
Stig Helland

Stig Helland

Sales Manager, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 911 11 595
Vidar Liaskar

Vidar Liaskar

VP Sales, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 952 57 129
Karim Alexander Longva

Karim Alexander Longva

Sales Manager Retrofit, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 979 86 830
Jim Varmedal

Jim Varmedal

Sales Manager Retrofit, Brunvoll AS

+47 905 11 503
Geir Larsen

Geir Larsen

EVP Sales, Brunvoll Group

+47 911 52 100
Jonas Finnøy

Jonas Finnøy

Sales Manager, Brunvoll Mar-El AS

+47 949 83 579
Asmund Sætre

Asmund Sætre

EVP Business Development & Marketing, Brunvoll Group

+47 924 10 378

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