Brunvoll with DP for 24-meter Service Vessel

Brunvoll has been chosen to deliver all propulsion, manoeuvring, and positioning systems for a 24-meter service vessel for aquaculture. The vessel is designed by NSK Ship Design and will be built at Havyard Leirvik for handover to owner Nordlaks in 2025. For a vessel which will operate 24/7 it is vital to minimize overall noise and vibration, and the Brunvoll Low-Noise thruster was the preferred choice.

The new compact service vessel for aquaculture will become part of the Nordlaks Maritime fleet and can support tasks and needs 24/7. A special requirement for the designer and owner was to minimize the noise and vibration from the tunnel thruster in the bow of the vessel. Therefore, the Brunvoll well proven Low-Noise thruster was chosen to meet this requirement.

In addition to suitable thrusters and propulsion system, a BruCon DP0 system is supplied. The DP0 system includes a follow ROV-mode to support the service vessel's subsea operations. The station keeping abilities that is a core functionality in dynamic positioning will be valuable for a busy vessel in a varying and demanding workday. The vessel will need to work at multiple locations, often without other suitable options for laying still.

The order for Brunvoll also includes the BruCon Propulsion and Thruster Control(PTC) Workstations, ensuring a seamless integration, look and feel on the vessel operating stations.

The new 24 meter service vessel for aquaculture. (Illustration by NSK Ship Design)

Brunvoll's Low Noise Tunnel Thruster
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