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Brunvoll Propulsion, Manoeuvring and Control Systems for modern Live Fish Carriers for Intership

Brunvoll has signed a contract with Sefine Shipyard in Turkey, for the supply of propulsion, maneuvering and control systems for 2 large live fish carriers for the norwegian owner Intership AS. The vessels have been designed by Salt Ship Design AS, Norway.

The vessels will be equipped with complete Brunvoll propulsion, manoeuvring and control systems. There are different propulsion system configurations on the two vessels, where the largest of 6500m3 is to be equipped with 2 azimuth propulsion thrusters and 2 bow thrusters, and the 4000m3 vessel is to be equipped with a CP propeller and twin-in single-out gearbox, 2 bow thrusters and 2 stern thrusters. Both vessels will be equipped with the BruCon control system for propulsion and manoeuvring, and DP system (Dynamic Positioning) to enable loading and unloading at distance from the cages in rough sea.

Brunvoll develops propulsion and automation systems to accommodate specific needs for the different ship types. Live fish carriers need space-saving equipment and good flexibility both in physical arrangement in the engine room, and in engine power to meet different operating modes. Brunvoll's TS800 gear is a compact twin-in single-out reduction gear designed for two electric motors and a propeller, where the propeller can be driven by one or both of the electric motors depending on power requirements. The gear arrangement can be designed for front or aft mounting of the engines, thus adapting to the available space in the engine room. A conventional CP propeller system ensures good efficiency for ships with varying operating profiles, for example different cargo conditions in transit operation. Brunvoll's azimuth propulsion thrusters are designed for high efficiency and good manoeuvrability and will provide optimum efficiency during manoeuvering and in DP operations.

Optimized propulsion systems combined with modern automation and control systems ensure increased efficiency and flexibility in operation, which reduces energy costs and emissions.

Brunvoll CP-propulsion with twin-in single-out gearbox and two electric motors,
for illustration purpose only

“The vessels have hybrid systems with substantial battery packs that meet the strictest environmental requirements, and they are further fully equipped with Norwegian equipment. When choosing the propulsion concept,emphasis has been placed on using known technology well proven in other segments that are also operating under demanding conditions, such as offshore”, says Kjetil Opshaug, COO of Intership.

Brunvoll has long and good experience from the delivery of both azimuth propulsion and CP propellers with twin-in single-out gearboxes providing efficient solutions for various vessels. Arnfinn Brautaset, sales manager in Brunvoll, emphasizes the importance of a good collaboration with shipowners and designers. “It is a pleasure to work with committed customers. Based on their knowledge and eagerness to have effective technical solutions, we have together landed good system configurations”, says Brautaset. He also emphasizes the importance of Norwegian shipping companies including Norwegian equipment deliveries in their newbuildings, regardless of whether they are building in Norway or at foreign shipyards, and is grateful that Intership chose complete Brunvoll systems for propulsion, manoeuvring and controls.

Brunvoll azimuth propulsion thrusters - for illustration purpose only
BruCon Propulsion and Manoeuvring Control - The common automation platform for all Brunvoll automation systems.

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Arnfinn Brautaset

Arnfinn Brautaset

Sales Manager, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 915 77 678
Joar Heggset

Joar Heggset

Sales Manager, Brunvoll AS

+47 916 30 640

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