Spindrift Reduction Gearbox

New gear solution featuring space-saving innovation

The compact design of the Spindrift offers eacy installation, additional hull efficiency, propeller efficiency and boyuancy in the aft ship.

Save space through Flexibility & Simplicity

The Brunvoll Spindrift Reduction Gearbox represents a highly innovative philosophy in making vessels more efficient.

The flexibility and simplicity of the Spindrift gives vessels more space to utilise by rearranging the placement of both the gearbox and the electric motor, which are both situated towards the rear of the hull.

The compact design of the Spindrift gearbox offers easy installation, and the concept gives additional hull efficiency, propeller efficiency and buoyancy in the aft ship.


The Spindrift offers maximum efficiency with the possibility to tilt the propeller into the direction of the waterflow, while also improving hull efficiency with the added hull appendix.


Brunvoll design principles ensure maximum strength and stiffness for excellent performance in normal as well as critical operations.


The compact design of the Spindrift allows for a significantly larger amount of space which can be utilised by the vessel.


Additional fuel-saving with electric propulsion, propeller optimisation and buoyancy in the aft-ship due to the wake-field also adds increased flexibility to the Spindrift solution.
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