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Medium Speed CPP & Gearbox Propulsion System

A diesel-mechanical CP-propeller system is a simplistic and reliable system, suitable to all ship types with a narrow operational profile

The valuable gearbox

Selecting the correct gearbox from Brunvoll's range of customised gearboxes will add valuable flexibility to the system.

A 2-speed gearbox with a Power Take Out unit (PTO) will utilise the entire power from the main engine, and ensure a cost effective and energy saving system.

Diesel-mechanical systems are simplistic and suitable to all ship types with a narrow service profile. The system is driven by either a constant or a slightly varying engine rpm. Simultaneous running of an electric generator with fixed or floating frequency is possible by a PTO.

Diesel Mechanical Propulsion - twin screw

By designing the system in a twin screw configuration with either two single gearboxes or with two twin-in single-out gearboxes, the flexibility of the configuration increases significantly.

The profit of such a configuration is sourced from an optimum combination of the main engines, thus reducing fuel to a minimum, and providing the largest flexibility in the power distribution.

This allows for a configuration of upto 4 engines and 4 generators. This also gives a high redundancy.


The varying working conditions of a vessel require flexible solutions in order to execute all tasks efficiently. The goal is for the ship's propulsion system to be optimised to suit the ship's actual service profile. With different configurations of engines, gearboxes, propellers and tunnel thrusters, it is possible to achieve optimal flexibility, efficiency and economy


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