Brunvoll with Full Package for Sunbeam’s New Trawler

Sunbeam Fishing Limited’s newest trawler has a broad range of Brunvoll products incorporated into its design. In addition to the main propulsion and tunnel thruster, Sunbeam Fishery has opted for the retractable azimuth combi thruster and the BruCon control system. The vessel is designed by Salt Ship Design and will be built at Myklebust Shipyard.

In a nod to their enduring trust in Brunvoll, Scottish Sunbeam Fishing Limited has once again opted for the expertise and reliable solutions that Brunvoll offers. The Sunbeam trawler will be equipped with a wide array of Brunvoll's high-performance products, bringing advanced technology to the heart of the vessel.

The main propulsion consists of a controllable pitch shaft line propeller and gearbox. For manoeuvring, a stern tunnel thruster and Brunvoll’s proven retractable azimuth combi thruster, combining azimuth and tunnel thruster functionalities into one product. To top it all up, the BruCon Propulsion and Thruster Control (PTC) System is the brains behind the brawns, ensuring seamless operation of the vessel in various conditions.

Sunbeam Fishing Limited’s new trawler. (Ship Design & Illustration by Salt Ship Design)

Brunvoll's Stig Helland with the Sunbeam team. (Photo by Brunvoll)

The trawler will be built at Myklebust Shipyard and is to be delivered around the turn of the year 2025/2026.

Sunbeam's new propulsion and manoeuvering system. (Illustration by Brunvoll)
Kristin Hide, CEO at Myklebust Shipyard, states, "We are pleased to use local expertise and products for this vessel, and Brunvoll has been a successful partner for us also on previous projects.”

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Stig Helland

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Joar Heggset

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