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Brunvoll propulsion, manoeuvring and worldwide service for shuttle tankers

Brunvoll has achieved a significant market share within the shuttle tanker segment

Brunvoll has since the very start of this segment in mid 90’ies till today been supplying equipment to more than 80 shuttle tankers and is regarded as a supplier offering good quality in products, service and follow up. A good position has been established through tight connections with the shipping companies during the years of cooperation.

The Shuttle Tanker segment

A shuttle tanker is a specialized vessel designed for transportation of crude oil from offshore oil platforms or floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) units to onshore terminals or refineries, where subsea pipelines are not feasible. Most of the shuttle tankers are operating in the North Sea and South America/Brasil, and some in other areas such as SE Asia, Australia, and China to name some of them.  

The shuttle tankers operating in the North Sea and Brasil are so called DP2-Shuttle tankers in the size from 99.000 – 155.000 dwt, where the larger sizes typically operate in Brasil. North Sea and South America remains the key areas for shuttle tanker demand, due to deep-water and harsh conditions.

Photo: Courtesy of TSAKOS Shipping and Trading SA
Photo: SH Osvoll
Photo: Courtesy of Altera Infrastructure
Photo: Courtesy of AET

Brunvoll propulsion & manoeuvring systems for shuttle tankers

Wide range of propulsion and thruster systems has made Brunvoll a supplier of complete set of propulsion and manoeuvring units for shuttle tankers.

North Sea shuttles are typically equipped with twin-screw propulsion arrangement for redundant propulsion and Dynamic Positioning.

A typical twin-screw propulsion system configuration consisting of Controllable Pitch Propellers and Gearboxes, and full set of manoeuvring thrusters with three Retractable Azimuth Thrusters and one Tunnel Thruster, and control system for propulsion and manoeuvring.

A typical slow speed propulsion configuration consisting of Brunvoll slow speed Controllable Pitch Propeller with OD-box, and complete manoeuvring system of three Retractable Azimuth Thrusters and two Tunnel Thrusters, and control system.

Kjetil Kvendseth, Area Manager Maintenance and Repair

“Brunvoll's commitment to providing first-class service and building close relationships with our customers is a key factor in our success in this segment”, says Kjetil Kvendseth, Area Manager Maintenance and Repair in Brunvoll.
"We always do our utmost to deliver value to our customers".

Worldwide service - Brunvoll team serving three vessel at the same time in Portugal

A consequence of having supplied equipment to more than 80 shuttle tankers over the years, is a significant number of vessels requiring maintenance and repairs from planned main class hull surveys. The lifetime of a shuttle tanker is in general 20 years, and during this period the vessels are scheduled for surveys every 5th year according to class requirements.  

Recently three shuttle tankers arrived at the same time at Lisnave Shipyard in Setubal, Portugal for their mandatory survey. Two of the vessels are operating in Brasil and one in Canada;

Sao Sebastiao, operated by OSM for Viken Shuttle. Equipped with thruster package of three Tunnel Thrusters and two RetractableAzimuth Thrusters. The vessel performed 10-year survey.

RIO 2016, operated by Tsakos Colombia Ship Management. Equipped with a thruster package of three Tunnel Thrusters and two Retractable Azimuth Thrusters. The vessel performed 10-year survey.

DORSET SPIRIT, owned by Altera Shipping. Equipped with a thruster package of two Tunnel Thrusters and three Retractable Azimuth Thrusters. The vessel performed 5-year survey.

As the three vessels were scheduled for survey at the same time, Brunvoll sent a team of 10 persons to accomplish efficient service and overhauls of the equipment at the three vessels simultaneously.

Brunvoll service team on site at Lisnave Shipyard in Portugal to accomplish service on three shuttle tankers simultaneously.

Efficient service – planning is the key issue

As the surveys are planned well in advance, Brunvoll has predefined overhaul kits for different surveys. Due to the size of the vessel and location of the shuttle tankers there are a few locations for the docking where under water equipment such as thrusters and propulsion systems are overhauled. Lisnave in Setubal is one of these – strategically located between Brasil, Canada, and the North Sea.  

Up until now we have performed 5/10/15 years class survey overhaul on 17 shuttle tankers since 2020 and will complete another 8 within 2023. The docking yards will be decided closer to the actual dockings.

Brunvoll is focused on high efficiency based on detailed and schematic day-by-day planning, close dialogue with the docking yard, and good cooperation with external companies hired to assist on the overhauls.

Several ongoing projects for shuttle tankers

Brunvoll has at the moment projects for 4 shuttle tankers going on in planning and production in the factories in Volda and Molde.  

Geir-Arne Kaspersen, VP Sales in Brunvoll, is glad for the good position Brunvoll has established as a supplier to the Shuttle Tanker segment. Thanks to valuable customers choosing Brunvoll when new contracts are to be signed for complete package of propulsion and manoeuvring systems. Design and manufacturing take place in the factories in Volda and Molde. Sourcing of main components are from well reputed European manufacturers.  

Joar Folkestad, Assembler, inspecting the propeller hub before starting the assembly work.

Geir-Arne Kaspersen, VP Sales, by the propeller shaft for a shuttle tanker to be built in China.

Frode Humberset, Quality Controller, taking measures with a micrometer for precision machining.

Contact persons

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Anders Ulvestad

Anders Ulvestad

VP Sales, Brunvoll AS

+47 975 88 706
Per Endre Woldsund

Per Endre Woldsund

Sales Manager, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 905 72 814
John Sjåholm

John Sjåholm

Manager Customer Relations / Senior Service Engineer, Brunvoll AS

+47 906 54 485

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