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Slow Speed CPP Propulsion System

Operation flexibility and unmatched manoeuvring capabilities

Reliable, robust and maintenance friendly configuration with high energy efficiency

Slow speed CPP system supply

CPP-propulsion system and unmatched manoeuvring capabilites from an extensive package of retractable azimuth thrusters and tunnel thrusters, are essential to ensure safe operation of the vessel.

A system supply may consist of

  • CP Propellers
  • Complete shaftline, with stern tube, oil distribution box (OD-box), bearings, and hydraulic power unit (HPU)
  • Retractable Azimuth Thrusters
  • Tunnel Thrusters
  • Motors, drives and starters for the thrusters
  • BruCon Control & Automation systems including Brunvoll Expert Condition Monitoring System

The CPP slow speed diesel mechanical system is a reliable, robust and maintenance friendly configuration with high energy efficiency.

CPP slow speed with Brunvoll Propulsion, Thrusters, Control System
CP Propeller System with OD-box and Pitch Mechanism

Easy mounting of OD-box

  • "Plug and Play"-design of OD-box for easy mounting and installation
  • Encapsulated feedback system
  • The feedback system is well lubricated and protected from dust and debris by being completely oil filled
  • Factory complete, flushed and tested
  • Accurate propeller pitch regulation, with automatic pitch holding device
  • Emergency pitch operation mechanism
  • Propeller hub adoptable to EAL (Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant)
  • Complies with all major classification societies
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