Brunvoll Propulsion and Thruster System to "Polarbris"

Brunvoll has signed a contract with Karstensens Skibsværft A/S, Denmark for propulsion, manoeuvring and control system for "Polarbris, a danish seiner for the owner Polarbris AS of Norway. The vessel is designed by Karstensens Skibsværft.

We have very good experience from the “Atlantic” by having Brunvoll Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster in the fore ship, and it was important to us to also have this function at “Polarbris”, says Kjell Gunnar Hoddevik, Polarbris

Brunvoll has signed a contract with Karstensens Skibsværft, Denmark for propulsion, manoeuvring and control system for "Polarbris", a danish seiner for the owner Polarbris of Norway. The vessel is designed and will be built by Karstensens Skibsværft.

The Brunvoll delivery consists of an integrated system with CP-propeller and Gearbox with PTO (Power take-off), with Tunnel Thrusters, a Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster and BruCon Control System.

The propulsion system is a conventional CP-propeller system with PTO function. This means that the ship can supply surplus energy to the main switchboard from the main engine in PTO mode.

The Brunvoll system supply consist of

  • Reduction Gearbox type: ACG600, with PTO: PFCO380
  • Controllable Pitch Propeller type: CP68
  • Complete shaftline
  • Brunvoll HE Nozzle
  • Tunnel Thruster, stern, type: FU37 LTC
  • Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster, bow, type: AR63 LNC
  • BruCon Control System for Propulsion and Manoeuvring
"Polarbris" a danish seiner for Polarbris AS, Norway, equipped with Brunvoll Propulsion, Manoeuvring & Control System. Illustration from the designer of the vessel Karstensens Skibsværft.

Brunvoll has successfully secured several contracts in fishing and aquaculture. Geir-Arne Kaspersen, VP sales at Brunvoll will highlight the importance of a good cooperation with the shipowner. “It is a pleasure to work with engaged customers. Based on their knowledge and eagerness to have efficient technical solutions, we have landed a suitable system configuration for Polarbris”, says Mr. Kaspersen.

Kaspersen further highlights the great commitment with fishing vessel owners in general, as the driving force for development of efficient solutions for sustainable fishing. The interaction with designers, owners and yards has for years given Brunvoll first-hand knowledge of the challenges in the industry that have contributed to product development of optimised systems of propellers, reduction gears, thrusters, and automation & control systems.

A chat with the owner
Kjell Gunnar Hoddevik, Polarbris AS

What is important when deciding for the propulsion and manoeuvring configuration?

We considered the operating profile of the vessel, and the best solution was a conventional CP- propeller with gearbox and PTO (Power take-off). At Polarbris, being a Danish seiner, a PTI (Power take-in) function was in our opinion not necessary.

We have very good experience from “Atlantic” by having a Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster in the fore ship, and it was important to us to also have this function in “Polarbris”.

It might be unusual for a fishing vessel of our size, but we find the retractable azimuth combi thruster to be an efficient and valuable installation when operating in bad weather. When we are pulling the net, we can shut down the main propeller when the net is under the vessel and operate with the retractable azimuth thruster only. We also benefit from the retractable azimuth when positioning the vessel to reach the buoy when setting the net – it gives us full control of the ship.

With "Atlantic" we have experienced to have the net entangled in the propeller. Then the retractable azimuth functioned very well as redundancy propulsion, and took us safely to a deep sea quay, without need for extra assistance.

What is important when choosing the suppliers?

We like the ship design of Karstensens Skibsværft, and they also met our delivery time requirements.

For ship equipment we have many Norwegian suppliers, and we are very satisfied with Brunvoll. This is the second complete Brunvoll package in a relatively short period – first to “Atlantic” and now to “Polarbris”.

We are very comfortable with propulsion, thrusters and control system connected in one system. And, of course, by asking for a package supply we can also make a good deal with the manufacturer.

Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster

Brunvoll Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster, Type AR LNC

The valuable multi tool for positioning, manoeuvring, track keeping, and redundancy for "take-home" function.

The Brunvoll combined Retractable Azimuth / Tunnel Thruster is a retractable Azimuth Thruster that can also be used as a conventional Tunnel Thruster.

Contact persons

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Per Olav Løkseth

Per Olav Løkseth

SVP Sales, Brunvoll AS

+47 900 27 063
Geir-Arne Kaspersen

Geir-Arne Kaspersen

VP Sales, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 918 93 252
Arne Tennøy

Arne Tennøy

Senior Sales Manager, Brunvoll AS

+47 916 76 811

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