Brunvoll Equipment for Three Vessels at Karstensens

Brunvoll has signed two contracts with Karstensen Shipyard for the delivery of propulsion and maneuvering equipment for three vessels. Two of the vessels are for the ship owner, Faroe Origin, and Brunvoll will supply the main propulsion. The third vessel is for an undisclosed owner and the contract consists of two tunnel thrusters.

Illustration of Faroe Origin’s new fishing vessels. Illustration: Karstensens Shipyard

Two vessels for Faroe Origin

The vessels will be Karstensens Shipyard newbuild No. 486 and 487. Brunvoll are delivering the main propulsion system with BruCon PTC, Brunvoll’s Propulsion and Thruster Control system. The propeller is optimized to achieve a high thrust in trawling condition and are connected with Brunvoll ACG750 gearbox with a Power-Take-Out(PTO).

The vessel will have an overall length of 44.1 meters and a breadth of 11.5 meters. The vessels are scheduled to be delivered in the first and second quarter of 2026.


One vessel for undisclosed owner

The second contract is for Karstensens Shipyard’s newbuild No. 500 for an undisclosed owner. Brunvoll will supply the vessel with two tunnel thrusters of the FU74 type, BruCon PTC, electric motors and starters.

“These smaller trawlers require versatile and compact propulsion solutions. The propeller and reductions gearbox chosen for these vessels are exactly that. A propeller with a large diameter and the right gear ration gives a high bollard pull on low effect. This gearbox solution allows also the PTO to run power to the main switchboard without the propeller is running.” Says Geir Arne Kaspersen, VP Sales.

Brunvoll’s ACG750 reduction gear box with PTO.

About Karstensens Shipyard

Karstensens Shipyard is a Danish ship builder and designer and was established in 1917. Theshipyard has long traditions in building purse seine vessels and trawlers.

About Faroe Origin

Faroe Origin is a Faroe Island based company which operates two fish processing factories and a total of 4 fishing vessels, excluded the two vessels mentioned in this press release.

Contact persons

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Geir-Arne Kaspersen

Geir-Arne Kaspersen

VP Sales, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 918 93 252
Arne Tennøy

Arne Tennøy

Senior Sales Manager, Brunvoll AS

+47 916 76 811

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