BruCon - a modern platform for control systems

BruCon comprises a new series of control systems for propulsion and manoeuvring.

BruCon is the platform used for all Brunvoll automation products

This completely new series of control systems is under development, however, with some products already launched into the market. The control systems consist of standardised hardware and software components which ensure common approach to user interaction, physical appearance, and system architecture.

It is a responsive system with no time lag between command and response or feedback signal. Flexibility, redundancy, and safety are essential parameters.

Optimised software provides cost efficient operation of the propulsion system, by means of optimum energy consumption and the highest efficiency.

The potent software allows for economical operation, achieving maximum energy efficiency and propeller performance.

The BruCon family consists of

  • Propulsion & Thruster Control System, Brucon PTC
  • Dynamic Positioning Control System DP0/DP1/DP2/DP3
  • Independent Joystick System
  • Auto-Crossing
  • Fishpilot

The systems are available as compact stand-alone units with touch screen, handle or joystick and command buttons, or as individual units put together in a more complex configuration around one or more larger touch screens.

Brunvoll's BruCon Joystick Control System.

BruCon Joystick

The joystick is available as a compact unit with touch screen, joystick and command buttons. It is an efficient system for manoeuvring and propulsion.  BruCon Joystick controls thrusters, propulsion units, and rudders in the most efficient way possible. The system has interface to all relevant sensors and position reference systems.

Operation modes:

  • Joystick manual
  • Joystick auto heading
  • Position hold

BruCon Dynamic Positioning Control System

A modern Dynamic Positioning System designed to meet the needs of the owner, operator, ship builder and ship designer. The system is based on a modern software architecture, built on the Open Bridge design principles for user interface.

Operation modes:

  • Joystick manual
  • Joystick auto heading
  • Station keeping
  • Waypoint tracking
  • Target tracking
  • Wind turbine field mode
  • Towing
  • ECO

An illustration of the operation modes of Bruvoll's BruCon Dynamic Positioning Control System.
Brunvoll's panel for the BruCon Fishpilot and BruCon Auto-Crossing Control Systems.

BruCon Fishpilot / BruCon Auto-Crossing

The hardware units of BruCon Fishpilot and BruCon Auto-Crossing are similar. Both systems offers safe and optimum performance with automated mode transitions and safety functions integrated with the BruCon Propulsion and Thruster Control System.


BruCon Auto-Crossing operation modes:

  • Energy optimum speed profile
  • Fixed route selection
  • Free routing inside corridor
  • Roll-reduction routing in bad weather
  • Automatic safety stop
  • Automated thruster mode transitions
  • Position hold
  • Route tables
  • Optional automatic docking and departure


BruCon Fishpilot operation modes:

  • Autopilot and course following
  • Speed control
  • Mode optimisation
  • Optimum combinator curve

BruCon Propulsion & Thruster Control System

A control system for all types of propulsion and thruster configurations. BruCon is the optimum choice for the most demanding system applications featuring high flexibility and redundancy.

The system is scalable being suitable to all configurations from the simple systems of a tunnel thruster to complex systems of twin screw hybrid propulsion systems with several operation modes, and several thruster units.

Hardware for Brunvoll's BruCon Propulsion & Thruster Control System, here visualised by a single thruster control system.

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