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Brunvoll Propulsion and Manoeuvring Systems for Ro-Pax and Ferries from a wide range of propulsion configurations

Optimised propulsion and manoeuvring for increased efficiency

Why select Brunvoll?

Supplying advanced propulsion- and manoeuvring systems to demanding customers for several decades, have given us the deep knowledge about system requirements for safety, redundancy and efficiency.

Our commitment has been continuous innovation and product development based on our knowledge and competence, combined with valuable feedback from endusers in the marine business.

Operation in close dialogue with designers, shipowners and shipyards in well-reputed marine clusters, have give us first-hand knowledge of new developments and strict requirements applying to vessel designs, and how to fulfil the obligations of each vessel when it comes to propulsion and manoeuvring.

Single source system supplier

Brunvoll offers a wide configuration flexibility of complete packages of propulsion, thrusters and automation systems 
  • Azimuth propulsion thrusters
  • CP-propellers
  • Integrated Costa Propulsion - rudder and propeller integration
  • Customized gearbox configurations
  • Contra Rotating Propellers
  • Extensive range of thrusters
  • Control and Automation systems
  • Hybrid and Electric systems

Trusted world wide

In Brunvoll we aim to be second to none with our capability and abilities to render technical after sales services at any location in the world at any time

Optimised CP-propellers with Brunvoll Integrated Costa Propulsion, a twisted rudder integrated to the propeller shaft wia a hubcap for increased propulsion efficiency.

Super Flexible Hybrid Propulsion

Hybrid propulsion means that the ship can operate either on battery or diesel-electric power, as well as on low sulphur diesel fuel, or a combination of the three. Such solution allows the vessel to be both emissions free, and having the minimum possible noise footprint when sailing through sensitive area.

A "father and son" propulsion concept is highly flexible. When using Brunvoll multi-input gearboxes the options for engine configurations are many, and by connecting two engines of different size, and one or two PTO/PTI with generator and electric motor which may also be powered by the batteries, the operation modes are numerous. It results in a lower energy consumption and a high level of flexibility and redundancy for the shipowner.

A twin-screw configuration gives a high safety level, with possibility to overhaul one engine while the vessel is in normal operation. When one engine is under maintenance the PTI can be fed from the other side. Such a hybrid solution with combined PTO and PTI gives several propulsion alternatives with four engines and two PTIs. With a CP-propeller the optimum propeller rpm can always be chosen.

Electric Azimuth Propulsion

The ideal propulsion system for vessels requiring extensive manoeuvring and positioning during main working conditions.

A typical system for the coastal ferries can be two Brunvoll Azimuth CPP pulling propulsion thrusters in a battery-electric system with a diesel genset for charging of batteries for redundancy purpose. The Azimuth thruster can be connected to a permanent magnet motor powered by the battery pack, which is normally charged by shore connection.

All system configurations are designed and optimised for the actual vessels. Safety and redundancy at the highest level to ensure operational uptime regardless of area of operation.

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