Propulsion and manoeuvring systems for optimised operation for fishing vessels

Long experience and knowledge in how to optimise system solutions for fishing vessels, combined with an extensive product range enables countless options for tailored configurations.

Innovation for demanding operations

Since the very start of Brunvoll, fishing vessels have been important for the development of the product range.

Since 1912 the Brunvoll and Volda engines were widely used in Fishing vessels along the entire coast of Norway. Today there are numerous fishing vessels world wide with gearboxes, propellers and thrusters from Brunvoll.

Many innovations have had its origin from a fisherman's request how to meet strict requirements for safety, efficiency or operational flexibility. In close cooperation between shipowners, designers and the engineering team in Brunvoll some of the most advanced propulsion systems have been designed to meet the demanding operations in fishing.

The new MS "Leinebris" serves as a perfect example of an advanced propulsion solution. Designed and developed together with the ship owner and shipdesigner for a versatile vessel utilizing various fishing methods, including longline, net, and seiner.

Finding the best solution  

Together with the owner and the designer we carefully consider the operation profile of the vessel with different configurations of engines, gearboxes, propellers and thrusters in order to achieve the required safety, flexibility, efficiency and economy satisfactory to the owner.

While a diesel mechanical single speed configuration is the obvious choice for one vessel, a 2-speed gear configuration or a hybrid or pure electric system can be the best system for another fishing vessel.

By performing a theoretical energy analysis based on the operation profile we are able to detect the most energy efficient propulsion system for the vessel.

Increased catch with the right CP propeller design

With a propeller designed according to Silent-F notation (DnV Silent Fishery), the underwater radiated noise from the propeller is heavily reduced and the fishing vessel may perform fishing in a proficiently and effective manner.

By combining an energy efficient system with Silent-F propeller design the vessel may obtain increased catch size, reduced energy consumption, reduced emissions and consequently reduced cost per catch.

Especially on shallow water and in trawling close to the surface a reduced noise radiation has proven to have positive effect on tthe catch size, due to the fact that different commercial intersting fish species are very sensitive to radiated noise.

Tailored Propulsion Systems for Fishing Vessels

Operation of fishing vessels in general put strict demand to safety, accurate manoeuvring, comfort, and efficient & economic sailing.

The wide variety in fishing vessel types requires different system configurations for propulsion and manoeuvring in order to optimise the specific vessel to her running conditions.  

Brunvoll's many propulsion configurations are beneficial to fishing vessels' different operating conditions, along with the high manoeuvring capabilities of a CP propeller designed for optimum pitch setting for the actual service profile of the vessel.

Correct choice of gearbox increases flexibility

Choosing the correct gearbox type provides increased flexibility to the propulsion system; 
  • A single-in single-out gearbox and a CP-propeller configuration is optimised to the various operating modes.
  • With a 2-speed gearbox the CP-propeller can operate at nominal speed in high propeller power condition, and at reduced speed in lower propeller power condition.
  • If a twin-in single-out gearbox is the choice, a father and son engine configuration is possible, and PTO options giving flexibility to the power distribution.
  • The range of PTO options for the different gearbox models extends the operational flexibility of the configuration.

Electric and Hybrid Propulsion

The configuration variety of electric and hybrid propulsion is wide.

By adding a combined generator/electric motor and a PTI-function to the gearbox configuration design, the system can be extended to hybrid and electric propulsion, either as PTH (power take home), boost or pure electric mode.

This opens for a flexible and energy efficient system with high redundancy. The zero-pitch loss is reduced to a minimum, and the vessel can achieve considerable fuel savings, reduced emissions and reduced operation cost.

Electric CPP configurations are available with or without gearbox, designed with PM-motors, asynchronous electric motors or a mix of these.

Propulsion systems with FP propellers can be supplied on request.

A new standard of line hauling after installing retractable azimuth thruster and 2 speed gearbox

"The line is set where the fish are, not according to the weather forecast. The boat is kept in position with wind in the stern. We pull the line when others are backing against the wind, and we save fuel by using step II on the gear, thereby driving the propeller at a lower speed.

This is the specific feedback from several ship owners.

Manoeuvring a longliner during fishing set great demands on accurate positioning related to the line. Just a few meters out of position increases wear on the line, and reduces the catch significantly. This is especially true in bad weather on shallow fishing grounds. A longliner must be able to operate in storm and harsh weather, regardless of wind from any direction.  

Over the years, Brunvoll, in close collaboration with ship owners and designers, has developed unique systems for accurate and economical manoeuvring, especially adapted to longline vessels. A longliner pulls a line perhaps 80% of the time, with low speed and little load on propulsion, but with high demands on keeping the position and course.

The unique solutions with 2 speed gearbox in combination with a retractable azimuth combi thruster in the foreship have been a success for our customers in this segment.

A typical 2-speed gearbox and CP-configuration with retractable azimuth combi thruster, tunnel thruster and control system.

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