Looking back at an exciting 2023

The year is about to end, and we are looking back at some of our favorite events from 2023, large and small. It has been a fantastic year for us in Brunvoll, and we hope it has been for you, too. We cannot wait to see what the new year brings for the marine industry – exciting times are ahead.

Brunvoll builds one of Norway’s largest solar power plants

We have a clear sustainability strategy and continuously work to reduce our environmental impact. As a result, we have chosen to invest a double-digit million amount (in NOK) to install 7,400 square meters of solar panels at our factory in Molde. This investment will lead to an annual energy production of 1,350,000 kWh, equivalent to 25% of the factory's electrical power consumption. The installation started in November 1st 2023, and is planned to be finished in March of 2024.

"The solar power plant on the Brunvoll roof in Molde is a large project on a Norwegian scale. It consists of 2880 solar cells, each with a capacity of 570 watts, resulting in a total size of 1.64 megawatts. We are not certain about which solar installation is currently the largest, but we are reasonably certain that the Brunvoll solar roof is among the 10 largest in Norway as of today. That being said, the geographical location is actually the most interesting aspect of this installation: it is situated both far north and far west, with an airport as its closest neighbor. Most large plants are in Eastern Norway, where there are far more sunlight hours throughout the year" says Harald Kristensen, Project Manager Solar Energy in BlueTec AS

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Overview of Brunvoll's factory in Årø, Molde, where the dark areas represent the 2,900 solar panels. Illustration: BlueTec AS

The solar panels being lifted onto the factory roof by crane in November 2023.

Purus Wind's new Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOV)

ESVAGT's new HAV designed Service Operation Vessel. Illustration: HAV Design AS

Crest Wind’s new Service Operation Vessel. Illustration: Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding

VARD's 4-19 series CSOVs for Windward. Illustration: VARD Design AS

Service Operation Vessels

Offshore wind is a booming market, and will be an especially important segment for Brunvoll in the coming years. We are proud to have been selected as a provider for several large projects this year and would like to highlight four of them especially.

Purus Wind and VARD

Previously this year we received an order for the delivery of propulsion and manoeuvring packages for Purus Wind's new Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOV). The delivery is for two vessels, with two additional vessels as an option. Each vessel will be outfitted with two azimuth thrusters for propulsion, and two retractable azimuth thrusters and a tunnel thruster for manoeuvring. The scope of supply features also Brunvoll’s Propulsion and Thruster Control system, BruCon PTC.  

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ESVAGT and HAV Design

ESVAGT and HAV Design selected Brunvoll as the supplier of a propulsion and manoeuvring system for another Service Operations Vessel (SOV). The delivery will be a repeat of the contracted vessel from 2022, known as "The world's first green fuel SOV". Both vessels are built by Cemre Shipyard and will enter into a 10-year charter for Ørsted at their U.K East Coast Hub.

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Crest Wind

Brunvoll has secured a contract for the delivery of a complete propulsion and manoeuvring system for Crest Wind’s new Service Operation Vessel (SOV). The vessel is designed by HAV Design AS and will be built by Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding. The new SOV will be outfitted with both azimuth thrusters for propulsion, retractable azimuth thrusters and additional Rim-Driven Tunnel thruster for manoeuvring in the bow. The system does also include Brunvoll’s Condition Monitoring System (BruCon CMS).

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VARD and Windward CSOVs

Brunvoll has received an order for the delivery of propulsion and manoeuvring packages for Windward's new Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs). The order is for two vessels, with two additional vessels as an option. With four powerful and responsive azimuth thrusters, the vessels should be ideally equipped with regards to operational requirements, DP accuracy, and overall performance.

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Fishing and Aquaculture

A first for Brunvoll

We are a Norwegian company with deep roots in the fishing industry, so this segment has always held a special place for us in Brunvoll. Because of this, it was special to sign a contract for the very first fishing vessel with pulling azimuth propulsion from Brunvoll. Leinebris AS has chosen Brunvoll pulling azimuth propulsion for their new vessel, and the vessel will be outfitted with innovations from several suppliers and will be equipped for longline, net and seiner fishing.

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FSV's new stun and bleed vessel

Brunvoll has secured a contract with Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted AS for the delivery of a propulsion and maneuvering package for a stun and bleed vessel. FSV’s new vessel is designed in corporation between Sirius Design & Integration and Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted AS, which also are building the vessel

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The new «M/S Leinebris». Illustration: Skipsteknisk AS

FSV's new stun and bleed vessel.

MS "Stril Mar". Photo Simon Møkster Shipping AS

Nexans new cable laying vessel of the Aurora-series. Design and illustration by Skipsteknisk AS

The Brazilian navy’s new Antarctic research supportvessel. Illustration: Seatrium Ltd


We are proud to have secured contracts for some very exciting projects that include Dynamic Positioning (DP) this year. BruCon DP automatically maintains a vessel’s position and heading by using its propellers and thrusters. It follows our long traditions for in-house development and plays an important role in Brunvoll’s strategy for autonomous vessel operation.

MS "Stril Mar"

Our new DP2 control system is still in its final testing, but it has already been decided that it will replace the existing dynamic positioning system onboard the MS "Stril Mar”. The delivery from Brunvoll includes a dynamic positioning system of DP-class 2 with 4 maneuvering positions, reusing existing sensors and position references.

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MS “Nexans Aurora”

Nexans Marine Operations AS has returned to Ulstein Verft AS to build a new and updated version of the DP3 cable laying vessel MS “Nexans Aurora”. The new vessel will share the same comprehensive propulsion and maneuvering package from Brunvoll.

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Antarctic Research Support vessel for the Brazilian Ministry of Defense

Brunvoll has secured an extensive contract with Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz LTDA in Brazil for the delivery of a propulsion and maneuvering package for the Brazilian Ministry of Defense’s new Antarctic Research Support vessel. The delivery from Brunvoll comprises a variety of their own products and from their partners. Low noise and vibration levels arecrucial for conducting scientific research onboard an oceangoing vessel.

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High Speed Passenger Vessels

Fjord1 and Brødrene Aa high-speed passenger ferries

Every day, Fjord1’s high-speed passenger ferries are an important part of the daily commute for people living in regions outside the city of Bergen, Norway. Now, Fjord1 and Brødrene Aa have chosen Brunvoll Mar-El as system integrator and supplier of electric propulsion systems for one new low emission and two zero emission passenger ferries.

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Illustration of Fjord1’s new high speed passenger catamarans. Illustration: Brødrene Aa
The new 2023 apprentices in Molde

The gearbox's information plaque

Brunvoll Sales team positive and ready to present the new sieris of highly efficient Contra Rotating Propulsion Systems

Our largest apprentice intake ever

A significant contribution to Brunvoll’s people development strategy is the apprenticeship model, used when recruiting skilled workers for the future. Ever since the company was established in 1912, Brunvoll has invited young talents to join the company. Including the next generations is inspiring, and young professionals are being given opportunities to build their careers at Brunvoll. We believe that mixing competencies and generations, in challenging and developing each other daily, contributes positively to our organisational development.

In August, we welcomed our largest intake of apprentices in history, with 19 regular apprentices and 3 YSK  apprentices. The apprenticeship period is an exciting and significant chapter in a young person's life, and for many of them, it is their first encounter with the working world. In fact, some of the YSK students are only 15 years old when they join us! With this year's intake, we have had 308 apprentices at Brunvoll since 1968, and 122 of them are still employed by the company. Currently, we aim at an apprentice share of 7,5%.

Repair of 55-year-old gearbox - a reflection of long-lasting and sustainable product standards

Earlier this year, we wrapped up the repair of a reduction gear with plant number 16, delivered in 1968. The reduction gear was delivered to the ferry MF Florøy as part of a NORMO delivery. After the repair, it was tested and approved for further operation. That’s what we call proof of reliable and long-lasting products. With proper care, our gears and thrusters should be able to outlive the ships in which they are installed.

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New generation Contra Rotating Propeller systems are ready for launch

In 2023, we launched our improved Contra Rotating Propeller (CRP) System, an anticipated advancement in marine propulsion technology. After nine years of proven efficiency and reliability, Brunvoll presents a new series of cost-effective CRP propulsion systems designed for various ship types. The sales department in Brunvoll experience an increasing interest in diesel-electric and hybrid propulsion systems, within all ship types. In a context with green shipping programs with focus on fuel efficiency and reduced emissions the Contra Rotating Propulsion system is of high interest as an extremely efficient electric propulsion system.

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Meet us in 2024

We are excited to continue to attend trade fairs all over the world in the coming year. You can always find an updated list of the events we participate in on our website – make sure to drop by our stand and say hi if we ever find ourselves in the same place. We are always happy to discuss anything related to propulsion, positioning, and manoeuvring.

View our future events here

Holiday greetings from the CEO

As you can see, 2023 has been yet another eventful year for Brunvoll. We are working on many exiting projects with clients that are both well-known to us and brand new, and we have hired more than 80 new employees throughout the year. When looking at our orderbook and forecasts, 2024 appears to be even more hectic. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our customers, sales representatives, suppliers, and partners. So, from everyone at Brunvoll, we wish you Happy Holidays, and a great 2024.

Best regards,

Kåre Øyvind Vassdal

Group CEO

Brunvoll Group CEO Kåre Øyvind Vassdal

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