Investing in employees and local communities inspires

Brunvoll aims to be a visible and positive player in the communities in which we operate by creating and retaining jobs, providing training opportunities and ensuring the well-being of people.

"Develop a vision for your building, street, and neighbourhood, and act on that vision." (United Nations)

As an appreciation for our employees' extraordinary efforts and vigilance throughout the Corona pandemic, Brunvoll's owners, the Brunvoll Familiy, decided to give a Christmas surprise to all our 530 employees in December last year; a gift card to be used in local businesses worth NOK 5,000 per employee.

Many businesses have suffered during the pandemic. For local shop owners, the gift worth 3 million NOK was very welcome. It is a considerable sum of money for Brunvoll, but the gift gives a good effect for our local communities. It is also a good investment in our highly competent, dedicated and loyal employees.

- We were in a situation where we had the opportunity to give something back to our employees and our local communities. The gift was very well received by the staff at all our locations. They were very surprised, because although we normally give Christmas presents, we have never given something like this before, encouraging and boosting local shopping. Our employees deserved it, they really did an extraordinary effort during the pandemic, says Kåre Øyvind Vassdal, CEO.
Kåre Øyvind Vassdal

Our CEO, Kåre Øyvind Vassdal, challenged other local companies to do something similar. A few months later, we are delighted that Motus Technology AS has been inspired, giving all employees an Easter bonus and a gift card with a value of NOK 5,000.

- Thank you for the challenge! We were inspired, and think it's fun to contribute when we have the opportunity to do so. - Motus Technology AS

- The fact that Brunvoll chose to give a gift card to their employees is something that the business community in Volda appreciates incredibly much, says Roar Vikene from Volda Næringsforum. In addition to retail, the Volda gift card can also be used at dental care, training, cinema, ski center, etc.

Brunvoll highlights one of the Brunvoll Group’s sustainability goals, and sends an important message both to the local communities they operate in, as well as to their own employees. Most business have had their challenges, especially in 2020, and this support to the local business communities came at a much appreciated moment in time, says Vikene.

Roar Vikene, Volda Næringsforum. Photo: Volda Næringsforum
Sustainable development goals

From United Nations Goal 11:

"Sustainable Cities and Communities"

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Take an active interest in the governance and management of your city. Advocate for the kind of city you believe you need. Develop a vision for your building, street, and neighbourhood, and act on that vision. Are there enough jobs? Can your children walk to school safely? Can you walk with your family at night? How far is the nearest public transport? What’s the air quality like? What are your shared public spaces like? The better the conditions you create in your community, the greater the effect on quality of life.

By choosing to act sustainably we choose to build cities where all citizens live a decent quality of life, and form a part of the city’s productive dynamic, creating shared prosperity and social stability without harming the environment.

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Marthe Outzen

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