Brunvoll's Digitalization Journey

Over the last years, Brunvoll has developed several digital tools in order to improve support, products, systems and knowledge. The BruCon CMS product is a core tool, but no digitalisation effort is complete without doing the full circle. Read on and be inspired by Brunvoll's digitalization journey.

Brunvoll is situated in several locations in Norway. We have inhouse product development, project management, production, and subject matter experts. In other words, we have our core competence supply chain inside our production and office facilities.

But one of the challenges we do have, is the fact that our products are shipped across the world, and we normally only see them again during service visits.

With a sincere aim towards optimizing vessel operation and performance through our offerings, we had one missing link. What we have needed the most is for us to even better understand how our products are performing when we don't see them.

Our solution: Using digital tools to build competence and check up on how vessels are performing with our products and systems onboard.

Brunvoll has over 12.000 systems in operation worldwide, and to address the challenge of gathering operational insight, we have developed our own Condition Monitoring System and the cloud platform, named BruCon Cloud Platform.

The BruCon CMS system, which has both an onboard and cloud side, is used to analyze data and trends for the vessel systems. Our CMS system is set up to measure and monitor inputs from several sensors and control systems, including control system signals, flow​, vibrations​ (gears & bearings), filter status, etc.

BruCon CMS

The BruCon Condition Monitoring System (CMS) from Brunvoll receives, collects, and stores all sensor and operational data from the Brunvoll control systems. Data will then be stored in a local storage unit onboard the vessel until a connection to Brunvoll Cloud is established. Collected data onboard can be shared with other onboard systems via common interface protocols.

When the vessel has a secure connection to the Brunvoll Cloud, data will be transferred continuously from the vessel through a cyber secure and encrypted solution. Data in the Brunvoll cloud can be monitored in real time by authorized personnel at Brunvoll, or within the vessel organization.

The received data in the Brunvoll Cloud can then be used for data analysis and machine learning algorithms. It can also be used for signal trend analysis and calculations of condition indicators in the costumer portal. Brunvoll Cloud can also be configurated to forward data to external online web systems through the CMS standardized API solution.

BruCon Remote Access can be initiated through a secure connection between the vessel and Brunvoll for access to the onboard systems. Brunvoll's solutions can be delivered according to the most recent cyber security standards in the market.

Maintenance Prediction

Propulsion systems are designed to be very reliant and to only require service at pre-defined intervals. But sometimes problems occur.

BruCon CMS can through early detection of mechanical wear or damaging use of products predict such scenarios and give an early warning. Preventing both down-time and urgent travels. This way, the BruCon CMS system saves time, cost and emissions.

BruCon Autocrossing Commissioning

BruCom CMS has been used for commissioning in Turkey

Another example for how BruCon CMS has been used, is during a Autocrossing commissioning operation in Turkey. CMS were then able to establish a remote start-up support connection to Brunvoll experts in Norway. The total support for trial consisted then of both service personnel at the yard, and several technical experts seated in Norwegian offices.

Experts situated in Norway retrieved access to data and made remote analyses and simulations which were essential to both reduce needed sea trial time and fine-tune the system prior to departure from yard.

Based on hands-on service personnel and remote support from our HQ in Norway, we saved time on commissioning and sea trail, while simultaneously increasing the quality and precision of the systems. Another benefit for the customers was reduced the energy consumption and emissions in transit from Turkey to Norway.

Hydrodynamic Optimization

Throughout the design processes, we in Brunvoll work very closely with designers, ship owners and suppliers to improve our products and solutions related to hydrodynamic and mechanical design. We see this as a key way for contributing to a better world, by assisting operators to optimize the performance, and reduce consumption and emissions.

In Brunvoll we are utilizing a combination of expertise, simulation, and analysis of operational performance data. As an example, out competent team of hydrodynamicists in Brunvoll developed our Integrated Costa propulsion solution. The way to an optimal solution cycled through a longer project combining data gathering, simulations and physical tests, of course comparing Integrated Costa propulsion with other more traditional propulsion systems.

Illustration of the optimized Integrated Costa propulsion design.

Propulsion System Optimization

In the latest years and in the years to come, there are and will be new regulations and taxes related to emissions. New operating terms will be introduced, which shipowners and operators needs to consider.

Brunvoll assists in these challenges by using data from either the BruCon CMS system, or other data provided by our customers. Out experts and inhouse specialists set up profiles and analysis, and gather information which for a larger range of options. Based on these analyses we offer insights and recommendations for operational changes, parameter optimisation, and upgrades. This way, we can help our clients how to approach and manage new regulations.

We in Brunvoll can also assist owners in completing their own digital cycles, by offering assistance, and through sharing our experience and approach.

Brunvoll Optimisation Reference Cases

Below is a shorter list of the ways Brunvoll has previously assisted owners and operators in how to "gear down" or "rewind" when it comes to the challenges ahead.

- Rebuilding the gear to optimise the gear ratio​ and vessel speed towards lower overall consumption

- Introduce hybrid solutions through for example power take-in (PTI) and power take-out (PTO) options

- Optimize the PTI (power take inn) and PTO (Power take out) solutions​ to the specific vessel's operations

- Reduce rpm and thereby reduce fuel consumption through more flexible power and control systems

Out of the 6000 vessels with Brunvoll systems, we assume that several of these could benefit from more optimised solutions, set up to better fit new regulations and taxations.

Completing the Digital Cycle

In Brunvoll we have developed multiple ways of utilising data and digitalisaton throughout our value chains. The main lesson for us is this: 

Unless you complete the circle, digitalization will have little impact on your overall business performance.

Secondly, the digitalisation efforts need to be closely integrated with the core business of the company. And third, if you combine digital and human intelligence you are in for some serious business results: 

- Improve your business​.

- Support customers. ​

- Save time, cost, and the environment by reduced emissions.

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