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Brunvoll Thruster Package for REM Offshore's New Energy Subsea Construction Vessel

Brunvoll has signed a contract with Myklebust Shipyard for the delivery of a thruster package to REM Offshore’s new Energy Subsea Construction Vessel (ESCV). The contract is for one vessel with an additional vessel as an option.

"Our selection of Brunvoll reflects REM Offshore's vision to use local suppliers to achieve a more sustainable and efficient maritime industry. We are impressed by how Brunvoll and Skipsteknisk have been able to optimize the solution for low energy consumption and emission", says Ronny Pål Kvalsvik, Chief Commercial Officer at Rem Offshore AS.

Brunvoll is going to deliver a thruster package consisting of two propulsion azimuth thrusters, two retractable azimuth thrusters, and a tunnel thruster.  

One of the retractable azimuth thrusters is a newly developed and more compact version of Brunvoll’s traditional azimuth combi thrusters, where the thruster functions as a tunnel thruster in retracted position. The new combi thruster design has a significantly lower building height using a similar arrangement for lowering and retracting as used for the non-combi units and offers increased efficiency in retracted position.

“Local owner, local yard, local designer, and local propulsion supplier is a testimonial for what the surrounding maritime industry is capable of when we work together. Kudos to REM for trusting local expertise and supporting the local value chain, to build this cutting-edge vessel.
This type of multipurpose vessels is something we have a great belief in, and the low energy consumption and emissions will make it very attractive in any market.” Says Bernt Rune Riksfjord, VP Sales at Brunvoll AS

All vessel illustrations are made by Skipsteknisk AS.

Brunvoll’s new and more compact retractable azimuth combi thruster. Illustration: Brunvoll AS

The vessel designed by Skipsteknisk AS is designed for multipurpose offshore operations and has the designation ST-245 ESCV (Energy Subsea Construction Vessel). Skipsteknisk and REM have emphasized low energy consumption and emissions when developing the vessel. This has resulted in a vessel that uses only half of the energy compared to other equivalent vessels of the same tonnage, with the goal of net-zero emissions. This will be achieved through a combination of different measures like; dual-fuel engines running on methanol, battery packs, lifting-equipment with energy recovery and a highly efficient propulsion system from Brunvoll.

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Bernt Rune Riksfjord

Bernt Rune Riksfjord

VP Sales, Brunvoll AS

+47 911 26 221
Sivert Olsvik Sæther

Sivert Olsvik Sæther

Technical Marketing Engineer – MSc Naval Architecture

+47 47 90 23 91

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