We are Brunvoll

Brunvoll has developed rapidly over the recent years, and now delivers a broader range of products and services than ever before. Our culture has always been characterised by hard work and targeted focus based on great know-how and entrepreneurship.

Brunvoll believes in putting people first. We believe in being ambitious, in setting high goals, in giving our employees responsibility, in facilitating collaboration and in sharing results.

Brunvoll is a leading global supplier

Brunvoll is a leading supplier of integrated systems for propulsion, manoeuvring and automation for all types of vessels.

It is important for us to be a forerunner in implementing new technologies to meet the requirements challenging an industry going through big changes.

The family-owned group established in 1912 is located in Molde (head office), Volda and Dalen, Norway.

The group has about 530 employees, and is represented through a global agent network.

Precision is our passion  

We are passionate about being reliable.

We know that quality in products and services pays off, and we take responsibility for delivering time and time again, with precision to the smallest detail.

At the same time as we are committed and responsible locally, we strive to be "Trusted World Wide" every day.

Corporate culture

Brunvoll’s culture is built on trust in people's ability to create and preserve values. We are proud to take care of the entire value chain, and that we have chosen to produce in Norway. We want to stimulate a culture that embraces diversity, and that fosters commitment to what we deliver to our clients. This defines who we are.

It is our people who enable us to deliver precision in everything we develop, in everything we say or do for our customers or our colleagues. That's why we say «people first, then technology».

Our culture has led us to a position on the world map.

We aim to be an industry leader when it comes to sustainability.

"Trusted World Wide" is our vision

Everything we do for our customers, for each other and for the environment around us, is based on our vision and common values.

Trust cannot be bought. It can only be obtained through good teamwork, and is earned through our customers’ experience with the Brunvoll brand.

Brunvoll depends on employees’ ability to change, evolve and adapt in line with changes in products, technology and organisation

  • Brunvoll's surroundings, products and services are constantly evolving. This places demands on the development of people and organization.
  • Our expertise is our most important resource.
  • Brunvoll aims to be an attractive employer for solution-oriented, motivated and qualified people.
  • We can offer exciting jobs, dedicated management and competent colleagues.

International business -

Made in Norway

We serve clients world-wide, and can offer the possibility to get an insight into international business. With our vision "Trusted World Wide" in sight, we will cultivate our proud history, and continuously develop our company. As part of our team we will help you achieve your greatest potential. We understand that we need to take care of people so that they are better equipped to perform. We invest in expertise, and understand that it is important that we create excellent teams. We aim to meet everyone with respect, and to give our employees opportunities to develop. We are striving for precision in every part of the value chain. Do we share the same passion? Check out our career opportunities.

Family-owned since 1912

Did you know that we're still family-owned? More than 100 years have passed since the Brunvoll brothers, like many other entrepreneurs at that time, decided to establish their own company to produce ship engines for the Norwegian fishing fleet. However, only a few of these companies have survived two world wars and several periods of economic crisis.

Through courage, optimism, long working hours, moderation and risk willingness, both the first and second generation of Brunvoll owners have established Brunvoll, a state-of-the-art and future-oriented company.

Our third and fourth generation owners are committed to further developing the company for the future so that we continue to be a competitive and attractive workplace for many.

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