Naval Vessels

Trusted for shock qualified naval thruster solutions worldwide

Why is brunvoll preferred for advanced Navy and Coast Guard Vessels?

Ever more challenging tasks and areas of operation require ever more trustworthy equipment

Brunvoll technology provides power and precision in challenging operation conditions:

  • Improved operational efficiency in and out of port
  • Creep mode capability
  • Manoeuvrability in coastal waters
  • Take-home capability

Thruster applications in naval ships can be quite different from other vessels

  • Tailored Brunvoll solutions for advanced navy and coast guard vessels hazard control
  • Product and manufacturing qualification
  • Integrated logistics support
  • Spare parts with NATO codification
  • Usability

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Shock Qualification of Thruster Systems

Elastic deformation, resilient mounting and rubber isolation provide shock absorption in compliance with naval specifications. Mechanical reinforcement and
the choice of materials are key factors in the design.

Brunvoll has a wealth of experience in developing shock-qualified solutions for

  • Retractable azimuth thrusters
  • Tunnel thrusters
  • Combined retractable azimuth and tunnel thrusters

Advanced FEM analysis minimizes weight, materials and costs

For improved design and virtual prototyping, the finite element method provides advanced visualization of stiffness, strength, distribution of stresses and displacement.

But no matter how good the solution looks on the drawing board, it has to function under harsh real-life conditions at sea. Here, Brunvoll’s vast portfolio of experience makes all the difference – when it counts most.

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