Brunvoll provides adapted training in operation and maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic and control systems

System knowledge is of utmost importance, and ship owners know that effective training results in higher performance, better productivity and reduced costs

Training of ship crews

Brunvoll offers tailored training. Training can be provided onboard, or at Brunvoll's training facilities.

Training modules include a combination of hands-on training and classroom sessions, with focus on system comprehension and safe operation, basic trouble shooting and maintenance of Brunvoll products.

Being the product and technology developer, we have a unique advantage in order to offer up to date knowledge.

Training of Brunvoll Service Team

World wide teamwork makes it possible for us to bring Brunvoll service to customers in different global marine hubs.

All service technicians in our global network are trained regularly to stay up to date with complete knowledge of our propulsion, manoeuvring and control systems.

The world wide hubs of service technicians work together and share full knowledge of our systems.

At any place or time, our multi-skilled service technicians are supported by Brunvoll's technical in-house expertise.

Training facilities with full scale products

Brunvoll has dedicated training facilities with full scale products giving hands-on training with mechanical, hydraulic and control systems in a safe setting.

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Brunvoll RDT-Thruster is ideal for vessels with high demands for comfort, or operate substantial time in DP-mode

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Nils Georg Langdal

Nils Georg Langdal

Senior Project Engineer Automation, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 70 05 90 00
Erling Myklebust Brunvoll

Erling Myklebust Brunvoll

Service Product Manager Thruster Design, Brunvoll AS

+47 90 64 15 30
Helge Asle Lundeberg

Helge Asle Lundeberg

Managing Director, Brunvoll Mar-El AS

+47 480 72 271

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