Service & Maintenance

We have everything you need to keep your Brunvoll systems in top shape - genuine spare parts and expert technicians to do the work

Maintenance add great value to your business at every stage in the lifecycle of your vessel

Maintenance is a worthwhile investment

  • Minimise downtime of your vessel by having a close dialogue for service.
  • Schedule your service in accordance with planned docking, or arrange for inspections at times convenient for the vessel's schedule.
  • Recommended maintenance intervals as described in instruction manual.
  • Maintenance and repair work performed by certified Brunvoll personnel including OEM spares, give the best premises for a quality repair of your equipment.

Condition Based Maintenance

With BruCon CMS/CBM you can keep informed about the condition of the Brunvoll equipment onboard your vessel. From a web dashboard you will find the latest condition of the equipment including records of any incidents.

The recommendations given in the web dashboard can be used for Condition Based Maintenance and to avoid un-planned maintenance work

The CMS/CBM gives important information so that any system failure or breakdown can be foreseen and prevented by proper actions, resulting in less need for any major repairs or even avoid dry-docking of the vessel.

Service agreement

Sign on to a service agreement in order to structure your operational schedule for better reliability and economy

  • Establish your personal key customer contact in Brunvoll Service
  • Maintenance schedule for specific equipment and for normal lifetime of wear and tear parts in accordance with both the customer and class society's requirements
  • Regular on-site inspections for planned maintenance
  • Regular training of crew and technical personnel

When you need Brunvoll Service

Emergency Support?

Call our 24/7 Emergency Support Telephone.

Operated by experienced technicians.

Technical & Advisory Support?

Call your Brunvoll Service Contact or our switchboard during our normal office hours.

Advisory support may help to prevent break down. In cooperation with the customer we may solve potential problems before they occur.

Field Service Assistance?

Contact us to make an appointment for field service.

We aim for the quickest response for repair and general service attendance.

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Ånund Høgset

Ånund Høgset

Service Sales Manager, Brunvoll Mar-El AS

+47 35 07 58 19
Arild Haugen

Arild Haugen

Service Manager Maintenance and Repair, Brunvoll AS

+47 913 96 783
Lovise Egge Åm

Lovise Egge Åm

Service Operation Manager, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 975 67 954

In need of service?

Please contact us for more information or send us a request for service of your vessel

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