24/7 Service Support

Trust Brunvoll expertise to be there for you – any time

When the unexpected happens

  • Our 24/7 emergency support service provides technical and operational expertise.
  • Highly skilled field service technicians are available to assist on site where and when it is needed.
  • The Brunvoll service team has the in-depth knowledge about our products, the spare parts and the resources to respond quickly and effectively.
  • Brunvoll's unique combination of in-house expertise and production capacity is at your service when you need it most.

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Brunvoll RDT-Thruster is ideal for vessels with high demands for comfort, or operate substantial time in DP-mode

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Brunvoll Service

Brunvoll Service

After office hours call: +47 71 21 96 70 in case of Emergency

+47 71 21 96 00
Brunvoll Volda Service

Brunvoll Volda Service

After office hours call: +47 478 24 365 in case of Emergency

+47 70 05 90 00
Brunvoll Mar-El Service

Brunvoll Mar-El Service

After office hours call: +47 35 10 11 33 in case of Emergency

+47 35 07 58 00

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