Will keep the Spanish Navy on a steady course

Brunvoll will deliver shock-qualified retractable azimuth thrusters to five F-110 frigates to the Spanish Navy. This is yet another confirmation that Brunvoll is at the top of the world with its system solutions for the maritime industry globally.

- We have had a long-standing collaboration with the Spanish shipyard group Navantia - ever since the yard installed Brunvoll's shock-qualified retractable azimuth thrusters in the five Norwegian frigates of the Fridtjof Nansen class, says Per Olav Løkseth.

Since then, we have had many spin-off effects of our collaboration, with deliveries of thruster systems to a number of naval vessels of Navantia design to both Australia and Turkey.

- The contract we have now entered into secures deliveries from 2023 to 2028, says Sales Director Per Olav Løkseth. The F110-class, is a multifunctional, anti-submarine class of heavy frigates for the Spanish Navy and will replace six older ships.

The new frigates have an advanced design with a high degree of automation. They will have a length of 145m, a width of 18m and a draft of 5m. The displacement will be 6100 tons and each frigate will have a crew of 150 people. Top speed is over 25 knots.  

Brunvoll has long traditions of delivering retractable azimuth units to naval and coastguard vessels. It started with delivery to the Norwegian Coast Guard's Andenes class in the late 70s, followed by tailor-made solutions for the Danish Søværnet’s Thetis class in the 80s. This has been followed by a number of deliveries to Navantia over the years, and crowned with a total of nine deliveries to DCNS in France for the FREMM program frigates for the French Navy.

Navantia F110 design - with Brunvoll Shock-qualified Retractable Azimuth Thrusters
Brunvoll sales team: Per Olav Løkseth, Montserrat Lugris Lopez and Anders Ulvestad

The Brunvoll retractable azimuth concept has also been developed for use in commercial vessels in offshore, fishing, coastal tankers and not least large Shuttle Tankers.

In addition, Brunvoll offers complete propulsion and maneuvering systems for all types of ships. These systems include propellers, gears, azimuth and tunnel thrusters, rudders and steering machines, automation systems for propellers and thrusters, as well as electrical drives and battery packs with their battery management systems.

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Per Olav Løkseth

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