Third new major contract for Brunvoll

In a short time, and despite an ongoing pandemic, Brunvoll has secured a third major contract for the delivery of thruster systems to so-called DP2 Shuttle Tankers, which will operate, among other things, using Dynamic Positioning (DP). Long-term investment has given Brunvoll a dominant role as the preferred supplier to this segment worldwide.

- It has been a very challenging time for the whole world so far in 2020 as a result of the ongoing pandemic, which we have also experienced at Brunvoll. At the same time as the whole world has been subject to massive restrictions, we have experienced the best half of the year with order intake at New Sales ever since the offshore boom. Our unique position as the preferred partner in the Shuttle Tanker segment has once again been rewarded in the form of large contracts. We want to thank our customers and partners for this trust, but of course also our employees and agents who once again make us "Trusted World Wide" - Kåre Øyvind Vassdal, CEO

Published July 3, 2020

Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea has ordered thruster systems for the construction of another three DP2 Shuttle Tankers for a leading sea transport supplier to the international oil industry.

We have experienced a boom in the construction of DP2 Shuttle Tankers over the past two years, and Brunvoll has secured deliveries to 21 vessels in the same category during this period. Our deliveries extend to the end of 2021 with these orders that secure Brunvoll’s continued production stability and further market visibility.  

Brunvoll's presence in the market has been a trigger for our success at the construction sites in the Far East. We provide extended technical support to shipyards and shipping companies in the planning and construction phase, as well as the operational phase of the vessels whether they are in Brazilian- or here in the North Atlantic waters. Brunvoll put great emphasis on having our own, highly skilled staff present in South Korea during the pandemic period the first half of 2020, and this gave us even greater confidence in both shipping companies and shipyards.

Brunvoll Sales Team
Per Olav Løkseth

We have always been committed to following the authorities' advice and taking care of our employees, both locally and during assignments. After careful considerations, we have sent a few service technicians on assignment in South Korea for up to three months, which is the maximum stay for tourist visas. Our employees have been followed up closely by our local representatives, who are also important partners in the trust relationship with our customers.

- This is another very valuable contract that adds to several other deliveries to the same ship segment in the last six months. The fact that this and other shipping companies prefer Brunvoll  affirms our position as a serious and quality-conscious partner for leading players with operations in both the North Atlantic and Brazilian waters. - Per Olav Løkseth, Marketing Director

We are confident that our system solutions for both propulsion and maneuvering are optimised for the next generation DP2 Shuttle Tankers, all built to stringent environmental requirements. We focus on sustainability in the manufacture of our products, resulting in lower energy consumption and lower emissions for the operator of these vessels. Sustainability is also important for shipping companies and operators. Brunvoll's products provide good predictability through their unmatched quality and thus low lifetime costs, which is highly valued. We aim to make our client’s systems last.

– We would also like to emphasize that it is the long-term strategy and targeted work across the organization that has, over time, helped to build our position as a preferred partner in the Shuttle Tanker segment. The fact that several shipyards and shipping companies repeatedly order new vessels with our propulsion and thruster systems confirms that Brunvoll's products deliver expected results and quality, concludes Løkseth.
– The three new Shuttle Tankers SHI will deliver are each at 153,000 dWt and have a length of 279 meters.
During loading and unloading the vessels are operated using Dynamic Positioning (DP), and the positioning is ensured by two tunnel thrusters and three retractable azimuth thrusters in total 13,500 kW (18,360 HP) from Brunvoll.
AR115 Main Features

Brunvollkonsernet er en ledende maritim systemleverandør med høy eksportandel og god soliditet. Konsernet har lang erfaring med leveranser av fremdrifts- og thrustersystem medtilhørende styresystem til ulike typer fartøy.

Det familieeide konsernet ble etablert i 1912, har hovedkontor i Molde og produksjon i Molde,Volda og Dalen. Konsernet hadde en omsetning på rundt 1,4 milliarder NOK i 2019, rundt 530 medarbeidere, og er representert gjennom et agentnettverk i 23 land.

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Per Olav Løkseth

Per Olav Løkseth

SVP Sales, Brunvoll AS

+47 900 27 063
John Sjåholm

John Sjåholm

Manager Customer Relations / Senior Service Engineer, Brunvoll AS

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Anders Ulvestad

Anders Ulvestad

VP Sales, Brunvoll AS

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