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Repair of 55-year-old gearbox - a reflection of long-lasting and sustainable product standards

Brunvoll is in these days launching a new generation of the innovative contra rotating propeller system Brunvoll CRP - and at the same time finishing the repair of reduction gear with plant number 16, delivered in 1968. The gearbox has been tested and approved for further operation. A nice proof of reliable and long-lasting products from a company actively providing new innovative solutions for ship propulsion.

Repairing a 55-year-old gearbox is a testament to the sustainability and long-life product quality of the equipment. It demonstrates that the gearbox was built to last and was made with quality materials and craftsmanship.

The reduction gear from Volda was delivered to the ferry MF Florøy in 1968 as part of a NORMO delivery. In the documentation from the testrun of plant no. 16 and 17, we found a handwritten note saying "Good gear. Nice running. 15/2-68". And now, 55 years later, we got confirmed that it was a “Good gear”. In the records for the installation, we read that only minor service tasks have been carried out since the delivery in 1968.

A note dated 15th February 1968 from a 10-hour test run of the gearbox stating "Good gear. Nice running".

MF Levanger (ex MF Florøy) is owned by Torghatten Midt AS.

February 2022, Kennet Håskjold was inspecting the installation at MF Levanger (ex MF Florøy). The gearbox was still in working condition but seemed worn with indications of loose gearwheels.

The shipping company considered whether to repair the old unit, and in February a year later it was decided to dismantle the gear. It turned out that the theory was correct, the gear was generally worn after 55 years, and the gear oil cooler had at one-point leaked salt water into the gearbox, which had caused damage to the white metal bearings.

Christian Myklebust and Kennet Håskjold with overhauled parts in the workshop in Volda.
Christian Myklebust is demounting the gearbox onboard MF Levanger

Old parts that were replaced with new ones made to fit the old gearwheels

Brunvoll owns all necessary drawings for all products that have been delivered over the years and has both the expertise, machines and tools to produce most of the larger parts directly from the factory in Volda.

As mentioned, the gearwheel which should be firmly shrinked onto the shaft was loose. Then Øystein Fet, Principal Engineer Mechanical Design, designed new shaft with new tolerances. The shaft was produced at the factory in Volda, and the original gearwheel was shrinked onto the new shaft.  

Mounting of the existing gearwheel to the new shaft

Øystein Fet, Principal Engineer Mechanical Design, and Asbjørn Myrvåg, Service Project Engineer with the old drawing of the gearbox from 1967 on the desk and on the monitor a modern 3D design of one of the new parts that were designed and manufactured in Volda. Øystein and Asbjørn appreciate the old installations coming in for service and overhaul, it is really a glimpse into the history of the company. They anticipate that the installation at MF Levanger is the oldest installation in service.

All white metal bearings in the gearbox were replaced due to wear and saltwater intrusion. Brunvoll has its own white metal production and makes all white metal products from the factory in Volda. New and updated models of the bearings were made with new lubrication grooves and bearing clearances.

The original pump from 1968 was checked and found in good condition for further operation. The original clutch hub looked worn but after cleaning from rust it was restored for further operation.

Old white metal bearings, worn by saltwater intrusion, in front and new ones upgraded with new design aft.
The old clutch hub with new clutch plates.

The old clutch hub before overhauling

Old clutch hub as good as new after cleaning and overhaul
The new and overhauled parts were transported back to MF Levanger and Kennet Håskjold and Christian Myklebust could complete the job of assembling and reinstalling the gear in the ferry. The original Normo Semidiesel engines had been replaced by MAN engines in 1995, but both gearboxes are still running 55 years after delivery.
Overhauled system and some new parts are ready for installation in the ferry.
The overhauled gearwheel is back in place in the old gearhouse.
The job is soon completed and the MF Levanger is ready for further operation with the new overhauled gearbox.
MF Levanger, owned by Torghatten Midt AS
MF Levanger is owned by Torghatten Midt AS and operates as emergency ferry on the Levanger - Hokstad connection in Norway, and during summer as supplementary ferry on the same connection in weekends.
The propulsion system on the ferry consists of two reduction gears, plant no.: 16 and 17, delivered from Volda Mekanisk Verksted in 1968. Plant 17 was repaired after a breakdown in 2014. Now it was plant 16 that showed signs of wear and tear. The owner had to think twice whether it would be worthwhile to repair the gear, but in the end they chose to carry out the overhaul and necessary repairs. The work on plant 16 was extensive, with both machining of new parts but also a lot of reuses of original parts from 1968.
The Normo diesel engines that were installed together with the gearbox in 1968 had been replaced with MAN diesel engines in 1995, but both gearboxes are still in operation 55 years after installation.

Facts about the Normo Diesel

The Normo Diesel engine was a collaborative project between the Norweigan companies Bergen, Brunvoll, Hjelset and Volda, where BMV (Bergen Mekaniske Verksteder) was responsible for the engine delivery itself, while the others supplied parts for the engine. Both Bergen, Brunvoll, Hjelset and Volda had their respective diesel engines until approx. 1965, and after that time they agreed to deliver a common engine in the Normo Semidiesel. The Normo Group was established in 1958 with the purpose to promote Norwegian engine production, and the specific agreement for the production of the common Normo Diesel ended April 30th, 1980.

Normo Diesel was a collaborative project between the engine manufacturers Bergen, Brunvoll, Hjelset and Volda from about 1965 to 1980.

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