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  • Promising and exciting half year for Brunvoll – Embracing the summer and future ahead!

Promising and exciting half year for Brunvoll – Embracing the summer and future ahead!

The first half of 2023 has been kind to Brunvoll. While it only represents just a small fraction of our 111-year history, it holds great significance for the years to come.

MS "Leinebris". Illustration: Skipsteknisk AS
Crest Wind's new SOV. Illustration: Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding
The Brazilian navy’s new Antarctic research support vessel. Illustration: Seatrium Ltd

New contracts

Brunvoll has received a handful of new contracts in the last six months, both large and small, and we can see that there will be a lot of activity at our factories in both 2023 and 2024. We would like to highlight some of the special orders we have received, starting with MS "Leinebris."

Skipsteknisk and Leinebris collaborated and has chosen a new and innovative propulsion combination for this type of longline, net, and seiner vessel. The new vessel will be equipped with a pulling azimuth thruster for propulsion and a retractable combi azimuth thruster for maneuvering.

We would also like to mention the contract for propulsion and maneuvering equipment for Crest Wind's new commissioning service vessel (SOV), which opens up the American offshore wind market for us. Additionally, it will be fitted with our largest rim-driven tunnel thruster to date.

The last contract is for the delivery of an extensive propulsion and maneuvering package for the Brazilian Ministry of Defense's new Antarctic Research Support vessel. This includes twin-screw propulsion, rim-driven tunnel thrusters, and Brunvoll's Propulsion and Thruster Control System (BruCon PTC), which features BruCon DP2 with joystick control.

But none of this would have been possible without the dedicated people behind, neither the production in Norway or sales representatives on the other side of the globe.

At Brunvoll, our mission is to address customer challenges across the seven oceans, exemplifying our motto, "Trusted World Wide." To fulfill this commitment, we prioritize maintaining close connections with our customers, sales representatives, suppliers, partners, and, above all, our dedicated employees. In today's digitally connected world, we utilize various everyday tools to stay in touch. However, the true connections and interactions are created when we are able to meet in person and Brunvoll has therefore put a lot of effort into exactly that. This has been done through a series of events and exhibitions throughout the last months and we showcase some of them.

Sales and service agent meeting

Every two years, we invite our world wide sales and service network to Molde for social gatherings, recognition ceremonies, business meetings, and technical product updates. The agent meeting is a weekend filled with nurturing existing relationships built over the years while also forging new connections. This tradition has been maintained since the first gathering in 2003, with Mr. Per Olav Løkseth being the main driving force behind. With his 43 years at Brunvoll, he has become an iconic figure and the guardian of the agent meetings.

Awards ceremony, Brunvoll Agent's Mark of Distinction. Photo: Einar Engdal

Jim and Kjetil at the BBQ. Photo: Einar Engdal

Nor-Shipping 2023

Another of this years big happenings for Brunvoll is Nor-shipping. Nor-shipping is held every second year in Oslo, Norway, and is one of the largest ship technology exhibitions in the world and had a total of 892 exhibitors and 50.000 participants this year.

Brunvoll was present to promote our products and to meet new and existing customers. This year we clearly see a good business development coming out of post-covid and the tragic still ongoing war in Europe despite.

The business trends that shaped the exhibition theme are clearly the green shift and the renewable energy industry. Also worth mentioning was the “Ship of the year” winner, Ecofive, which will have Brunvoll equipment onboard. All in all, Nor-shipping was a good show for Brunvoll and we will certainly return to meet new and old acquaintances in 2025.

Brunvoll's stand at Nor-Shipping 2023. Photo: Sivert Sæther

Employee Family Days

Another large event for Brunvoll was the Employee family days, which was a gift from the owners of Brunvoll to the employees and their families. The locations Molde, Volda and Dalen arranged family events with entertainment, activities, and tours in the factories. These events became a great success for the owners and employees, and the pictures speak for themselves.


To summarize, it has been a success first half of 2023 for Brunvoll, and we would like to express our gratitude to all our customers, sales representatives, suppliers, and partners. So, from everyone at Brunvoll, we wish you a pleasant summer!

Best regards,
Geir Larsen
EVP Sales

Geir Larsen is ending yet another event and looking forward to the next one. Photo: Einar Engdal.

Next generation "Brunvollinger"? Photo: Einar Engdal
Learning magic by doing. Photo: Einar Engdal
Concert with Ila Auto. Photo: Einar Engdal

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