New Sales and Service Representative on Iceland

Slippurinn in Akureyri, Iceland has entered into an exclusive agreement to represent Brunvoll in sale and service of Brunvoll's product portfolio for the Icelandic market

Iceland is an important market for Brunvoll, which has been represented on the island for many years. Brunvoll has until now been represented in Iceland by Velar and Skip in Reykjavik. For strategic reasons, Brunvoll and Velar and Skip have agreed to end this collaboration.

"Brunvoll has had a good collaboration with Velar and Skip for many years. It is therefore a bit melancholic, but still the right decision for both parties to now end the formal collaboration. We wish Velar and Skip good luck going forward," says Geir Larsen, EVP Sales at Brunvoll

Brunvoll's EVP Sales, Geir Larsen. Photo: Bruvoll AS
"We are very pleased to have Slippurinn on board as part of our fantastic international network of sales and service representatives, and we look forward to a good collaboration and increased sales in Iceland," says continues Larsen.

Brunvoll is very pleased to enter a collaboration with Slippurinn, which operates both in ship maintenance with its own dock and slipway, as well as being a supplier of equipment to fish factories through DNG Process Solutions and fishing jigs through DNG Jigging Reels. Slippurinn has good experience with sales and marketing outside of its shipyard operations, which is valuable for the success of Brunvoll's products.

In the time ahead, Brunvoll will spend time training both sales and service resources from Slippurinn. The collaboration will be launched with a celebration at Slippurinn's stand during the seafood trade fair in Barcelona in week 17, where representatives from Brunvoll will also be present.

About Slippurinn

Slippurinn Akureyri is a leading shipyard in Iceland, specializing in the operation of elevating structures and ship maintenance stations. It handles a wide range of tasks,including steelwork, machine repairs, and carpentry, as well as providing sand/water blasting and painting services. Additionally, it boasts an excellent parts and tool store. Slippurinn Akureyri offers comprehensive services to the fishing industry, encompassing the design, renovation, and maintenance of vessels and their equipment. The company is also increasingly undertaking projects ashore.

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Geir Larsen

Geir Larsen

EVP Sales, Brunvoll Group

+47 911 52 100

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