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  • Hybrid propulsion and automation systems contribute to sustainability in the aquaculture industry

Hybrid propulsion and automation systems contribute to sustainability in the aquaculture industry

A sustainable aquaculture industry also includes the vessels. Brunvoll has extensive experience with electrical and hybrid systems for propulsion of live fish carriers, and also as a system integrator of complete electrical and hybrid systems for workboats. Increased degree of autonomy in control systems further contributes to smooth operations and reduced energy consumption.

Advanced control systems, energy optimization and electrification are essential factors to a more cost effective operation.

Hybridisation and electrification in Aquaculture

Elctrical and hybrid vessel operation and an increasing degree of automation are leading the way in most industries.  

The aquaculture industry is well under way with its electrification. Based on experience and broad product portfolio, Brunvoll has a good basis for tailoring various electrical and hybrid system solutions to the vessels in this industry.  

"Through a close dialogue with the ship owner and very often the design company, we define needs, requirements and design criteria for the optimum propulsion system adapted to the operating profile of the vessel. We have a great configuration flexibility from our wide selection of gearboxes, propellers, thrusters, in-house developed control and automation systems, and electrical and hybrid system integration", says Geir-Arne Kaspersen, VP Sales in Brunvoll.
Nova Sea
Diesel-elektrisk batteri 3xTT

Hybrid propulsion suits very well the operating profile of a live fish carrier

«Færøysund» is equipped with Brunvoll hybrid propulsion system, a system consisting of CP propeller and reduction gear driven by two PM motors (Permanent magnet motors), four gensets and battery pack. Jonny Hansen, co-owner and technical manager at North Salmon Service AS, sees the value of the diesel-electric propulsion system due to variation in the operating profile.  

«Our client wanted a hybrid system as we spend long periods by the cage with need for electricity to perform our work. It is then an advantage to have electric operation including batteries. With four gensets we can overhaul one engine during sailing. We may also use the battery for peak shaving and thus avoid starting an extra engine. This gives us flexibility and saves start-ups and running hours of the gensets", says Hansen.  

«The «Færøysund» system is a typical modern hybrid propulsion system for energy efficiency. We see an increasing interest for hybrid systems, often in combination with 2-speed gearbox, a configuration that may provide further energy optimisation", comments Geir-Arne Kaspersen.

Dynamic Positioning (DP-System)

DP has traditionally been widely used in offshore, but it also seems to be well on its way into aquaculture and fishing. "Færøysund" is equipped with Brunvoll DP-system.

«When working close to large cages in exposed waters, we have to stay 8-10 meters from the cage during loading and unloading. During such working conditions, there is a need for DP system to keep the vessel in place in rough seas», says Jonny Hansen, in North Salmon Service AS. He believes that anyone who wants to operate in more exposed areas will need a DP system.  

«DP seems to be an important tool also for service vessels", says Geir-Arne Kaspersen. We see a growing interest in more advanced systemsboth for operation against the open sea cages and the more traditional cages in the fjords," says Geir-Arne Kaspersen.  

Brunvoll DP is a fully integrated part of the BruCon automation platform. It is a compact system, easy to integrate into most vessel types.  

System integration of complete electrical and hybrid systems

"Long experience in designing control systems to high speed vessels, has given us good knowledge about the challenges of weight and available space", says Bjørn Svendsen, VP Sales & Marketing in Brunvoll.

"This has been the basis in development of our unique hybrid and all-electric solutions for the aquaculture market. Space is critical in small workboats in installation of battery systems, main switchboard and other systems to comply with a green profile.

A typical Brunvoll system may consist of electric motors, gensets, battery system, EMS/PMS, control system, frequency converters and main switchboard, in addition to propulsion and manoeuvring system. Our unique configuration of hybrid systems is important in achieving the vessel's operational and green profile», says Bjørn Svendsen.

Bakkafrost, in the Faroe Islands has ordered their first 0-emission all-electric workboat, which will be equipped with Brunvoll system consisting of PM-motors, battery system with EMS, control system, DC board and drives for propulsion and hotel load.

Illustration right column: Mest, Faroe Islands.

BMA Bakkafrost
Hans A Bakka

Brunvoll hybrid propulsion system to "Hans á Bakka"

Bakkafrost has signed a contract with Brunvoll for direct driven hybrid propulsion CP-propulsion system for the live fish carrier "Hans á Bakka". The configuration is a sigle screw system with CP-propeller driven by two electric motors in tandem and four tunnel thrusters. The system ensures high efficiency, flexibility and high redundancy.

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