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  • Hurtigruten and Brunvoll receive funding from The Green Platform Initiative to develop zero-emission ship

Hurtigruten and Brunvoll receive funding from The Green Platform Initiative to develop zero-emission ship

Norwegian Research Council has awarded the Sea Zero project 67 MNOK in funding to develop zero emission costal express vessels.

The Green Platform Initiative provides funding for enterprises and research institutes engaged in green growth and restructuring driven by research and innovation. The Research Council, Innovation Norway and Siva manage the funds.

Hurtigruten’s ambition is to develop a zero-emission ship for the costal route from Bergen to Kirkenes. The project is close to 123MNOK and in close cooperation with several leading Norwegian maritime suppliers, including Brunvoll.

This is great news for us. The support means that Hurtigruten Norway’s plans for zero emission vessels on the Norwegian coastline takes large step forward and we are on schedule for our first vessel in 2030 says Hedda Felin, CEO Hurtigruten Norway.

The Sea Zero project is an ambitious development project involving several Norwegian companies cooperating to deliver a complete zero emission vessel.  

Brunvoll will contribute with the development of propulsion systems and with decision support systems on efficient and safe operations. 

Brunvoll will receive 5,25MNOK in support for their contribution to the project.  

Brunvoll has long traditions for development of new technology and welcome the focus on more zero emission. This is an important project, both to state Norway’s position in ship design, equipment, and building, and for Brunvoll to contribute to a more sustainable future says Knut Andresen EVP Engineering & Product Development at Brunvoll

SINTEF will be a research partner and project manager for the project.

The development of zero emission vessels is very positive for the climate in itself, but the project will also give great positive effect on the maritime industry in Norway. Development of new green technology will increase competence and improve our export potential for the industry in general and for the partners in the project in particular. says Trond Johnsen, Marketing Director at SINTEF Ocean.

Partners in the Sea Zero project:

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