The FAST project

Digitization and the focus on optimized operation in the maritime industry is taking place at an ever-increasing rate, and there is a stronger focus than ever on achieving sustainable shipping both in Norway and internationally. The value of using sensor data for condition monitoring, various types of condition/predictive maintenance systems and optimization of operations is receiving increased recognition.

To leverage the development of the system to an industrial product and service, Brunvoll joined forces with the compressor supplier Sperre Air Power AS, research partner SINTEF AS and the ship owner Altera Infrastructure in 2019 for the FAST project partially funded by the Research Council Norway. Condition monitoring and various types of condition/predictive maintenance systems is being developed. The goal of the FAST project was to develop and implement a system where the OEM product knowledge is key in the development of artificial intelligence for condition monitoring and decision making onshore and offshore.

In the FAST project the main goals were to

  • Implement, and demonstrate, a solution for effective collection and compression of data from the Brunvoll deliveries and sensor data from other systems aboard the vessel.
  • Develop infrastructure for secure data transmission from vessel to shore.
  • Make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to utilize data for optimized maintenance and operations.
  • Visualize relevant data and findings in dashboards for both client and internal use.
  • With added value and win-win for both customers and Brunvoll in mind, we have prepared business models that should be attractive for shipowners.

An infrastructure for secure dataflow from vessels that feed live data from equipment in the field back to the Brunvoll data center is established. The collected sensor- and control system data, findings from advanced algorithms, and Brunvoll product knowledge are synthesized in condition indicators that are visualized for the customer through a customer portal and dashboard. This dashboard may also be integrated with the vessel’s planned maintenance system. In addition to the digital online services, Brunvoll is serving the clients through an Operations Centre at the Brunvoll Head Office staffed by Brunvoll specialists.

The FAST project has enabled Brunvoll to create the Brunvoll Condition Monitoring System. This is a system designed for advanced monitoring of thruster and propulsion systems. The system includes hardware and various algorithms for detecting concrete events and operational characteristics that has significance in an optimized maintenance and operations perspective.

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Arnt Ove Austnes

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Kristian Solemsjø

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John Sjåholm

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