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Brunvoll to Provide Auto-Crossing Technology for New Fjord1 Ferries

Tersan Shipyard chose Brunvoll Azimuth Propulsion Thrusters and Auto-Crossing for two new Fjord1 hybrid ferries. The sister ferries are designed by HAV Design and will operate routes between Stranda – Liabygda and Eidsdal – Linge, in Norway.

They will be equipped with a BruCon control and automation system with operator stations, Auto-Crossing and Condition Monitoring System. The BruCon Auto-Crossing system ensures energy-optimised operation with route- and speed control, while the BruCon Condition Monitoring System provides in-depth monitoring of the system and data logging for analysis and optimisation. In other words, this enables autonomous operation of the ferry.

Our Auto-Crossing panel was developed at the Brunvoll location in Dalen, Telemark. It is physically small, which makes it installation-friendly and easy to use. The system reads the vessel’s GPS, gyroscope and wind sensor and exchanges information with the propulsion thrusters.

It works as an autopilot that also controls the ship’s thrusters and steers by a speed profile. In combination, this cuts emissions and leads to even acceleration and breaking. The client can draw and select routes on the chart plotters, and the system will plan a suitable crossing within the client’s parameters. The system supports both single crossings and round-trip routes. In addition, both the planned and selected path are visualised on the chart along with estimated time of arrival.

"Brunvoll has invested significantly into developing autonomous solutions in the later years, and we are very excited about these two new vessels”, says Frode Bloch, EVP Engineering Control & Electrical.

Auto-crossing technology is environmentally friendly because it gives the vessel a smoother and more even operation. Its route becomes more predictable, and you can repeat the same route several times. You can easily compare the effect of choosing different routes, and the ferry moves in the same way regardless of what crew is currently at work.

“We believe that to fully energy-optimise, vessel operation, autonomy and data logging are critical functions. Thus, we look forward to further developing this with Fjord1 on two local ferry routes.” Bloch adds.

The auto-crossing system also provides an emergency stop function that performs a controlled braking and leaves the ferry at fixed position, even in rough seas and high waves, in a station-keeping mode.

The ferries are designed for battery propulsion, with fast charging from shore during landing. They are also arranged with a diesel-electric backup system, and they can operate in battery mode, hybrid mode and diesel-electric mode. It will be a process when the systems are in operation to see which settings and modes of operation give the best effect.

Bernt Rune Riksfjord, VP Sales at Brunvoll, is very satisfied that Brunvoll once again is the preferred partner for a new ferry project.

“This once again confirms our position as a preferred partner for modern eco-friendly ferries. Brunvoll’s azimuth propulsion thrusters designed for high operational efficiency and low energy consumption, together with our in-house hydrodynamics capabilities, enables us to provide units highly optimised for these vessels “, says Riksfjord.

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